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Trauma treatment teams at Sovereign Health of Arizona are multidisciplinary groups of professionals with expertise in managing trauma-related behavioral health problems in women. Treatment teams may vary slightly according to the individual needs and goals of each woman, but some of our teams include the following experts:

  • Physicians and nurse practitioners: Our medical clinicians complete thorough histories, physical examinations and any tests necessary to determine the current physical condition of each of our patients. Necessary medications, monitoring directions and follow-up care recommendations are provided in collaboration with the psychiatrist.
  • Psychiatrist: The psychiatrist specializes in neurobiology and addiction medicine. The psychiatric evaluation helps to distinguish neurological disorders from other conditions. Psychiatrists are experts in psychotropic medications used to control symptoms of mental illness and substance withdrawal. The psychiatrist collaborates with the medical clinicians.
  • Licensed nurse: Nurses monitor patient vital signs and symptoms, obtain laboratory samples, monitor patient physical and mental status, and administer prescribed medications while observing for side effects or complications. Nurses communicate directly with the clinicians and other members of the trauma treatment teams.
  • Psychologists: Our licensed psychologists work with patients and their families to ensure accurate diagnosis of all conditions, including underlying and co-occurring disorders. They assist with crisis intervention and behavior modification in accordance with the individual patient’s needs and goals. Psychologists also play a therapeutic role with patients and families and collaborate with other members of the trauma treatment teams.
  • Psychotherapists: Our psychotherapists facilitate talk therapy with patients, groups and families. Many have specialty areas of expertise. In addition, we match up our patients with therapists who can best address their specific conditions and circumstances.
  • Counselors: Our licensed mental health and substance abuse counselors assist patients in understanding the nature of mental illness and addiction and how to live with these conditions successfully.
  • Case manager: Case managers facilitate communication between team members and the patient to ensure the quality and continuity of care.
  • Patient advocate: Patient advocates function as liaisons between patients and their families as well as other members of the treatment team. Our patient advocates help communicate the wishes and needs of each patient and handle their critical issues so that they can focus on healing.
  • House managers: House managers provide supervision to patients while they are in residential housing or sober living. House managers coordinate transportation, individual treatment schedules and meals. House managers also communicate directly with treatment team members.
  • Ancillary staff: Ancillary staff members provide many different types of supportive services to our patients and their families. We provide eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), experiential therapy, acupuncture, neurofeedback and other ancillary services. Trained specialists ensure the delivery of the highest-quality care.

Trauma Treatment At Sovereign Health

At Sovereign Health of Chandler, Arizona, our multidisciplinary teams of experts provide comprehensive evaluations and integrated treatment for female trauma survivors. Our individualized care plans are designed to meet women’s needs and goals, and result in long-term recovery. Team members work together to help women achieve their goals and regain the ability to manage their own lives.

We consider early and thorough treatment an investment in the future. We accept most major health insurance plans. For more information about trauma treatment for women at Sovereign Health of Chandler, Arizona, or about any of our specialized programs and services, please call our 24/7 helpline.

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