Levels of Care/ Who We Treat

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Levels of Care

At Sovereign Health of Arizona, we specialize in the treatment of female trauma survivors. Our beautiful and secure facility in Chandler, AZ offers specialized care for women recovering from trauma and all of its effects, including behavioral health disorders, addiction and underlying or co-occurring mental health disorders.

Some patients require detoxification from drugs or alcohol prior to beginning treatment. Those experiencing acute withdrawal from alcohol or drugs often require 24/7 medical care and monitoring, which can be arranged. After about a week or so of detox, patients generally stabilize and begin to feel well enough to begin their treatment. Our residential and outpatient programs are licensed by the State of Arizona Department of Health Services.

We offer the following levels of care:

  • Residential Treatment: Generally 30 to 90 day programs where women live in supervised housing and receive full-time treatment and care.
  • Partial hospitalization: Patients receive approximately five hours of treatment Monday through Friday but can live independently at home or sober living housing.
  • Intensive outpatient: Patients attend treatment session for approximately three hours three times per week and can live independently or in sober living housing.
  • General outpatient: General outpatient care follows the completion of one of the above programs and consists of outpatient therapy appointments during the first year or so of sobriety. Out-of-state patients may choose to stay in sober living in Chandler or transfer to outpatient care closer to home.


Who We Treat

Sovereign Health of Arizona trauma treatment is designed for women who have survived trauma or abuse and have significant functional impairment as a result due to post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder, panic disorder or any other co-occurring mental condition. Many of our clients seek help with alcohol or drug use disorders as well. We understand that dual diagnosis recovery is a complex process and requires a tremendous amount of support and expertise to ensure the safety, comfort, and lasting sobriety of each individual patient. We treat the following patients in our trauma program:

  • Women 18 to 65 years of age
  • Female survivors of trauma or abuse
  • Women with functional impairment due to trauma-related mental illness
  • Women with alcohol or drug use disorders
  • Those with underlying or co-occurring mental disorders

In the tranquil setting and safety of our Chandler, Arizona facility, women find the help and support they need to heal from trauma, drug and alcohol use, mental illness and co-occurring disorders. Our compassionate and respectful staff guide patients through the treatment process and into long-term recovery. For more information about dual diagnosis treatment for women or any of our specialized programs, please call our 24/7 helpline.

Trauma Treatment At Sovereign Health

At Sovereign Health of Arizona, our specialized teams of experts provide comprehensive evaluations and integrated treatment for female trauma survivors and women with behavioral health conditions, including addiction. Our individualized care plans are designed to meet women’s’ needs and goals and result in long-term recovery.

We accept women who are already on medication-assisted therapy for opioid use disorders as well as those who may require it following detoxification. Our patient representatives work with insurance companies to ensure that everyone is able to receive the care she needs and deserves. We consider early and thorough treatment an investment in the future.

For more information about trauma treatment for women in Chandler, Arizona or about any of our specialized programs at Sovereign Health, please call our 24/7 helpline.


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