Treatment Team

Addiction can be the result of a number of problems, from unaddressed mental disorders to untreated trauma. Whatever is causing the addiction, it is vital that any and all aspects of the problem are addressed to ensure lasting recovery and this can only be done with a professional treatment team.

Sovereign Heath of Arizona guides women into lasting wellness with holistic treatment programs that are cognizant of childhood trauma, abuse, current psychological distress or the beginnings of mental disorder. We have recruited a clinical team that is the ideal fusion of sensitivity, no-nonsense adherence to standards and formidable evidence-based application.

While in treatment, each patient will benefit from a trauma-informed care team including:

  • Associate program director
  • Case manager
  • Program director
  • Medical director
  • Clinical concierge
  • Clinical director
  • Clinical supervisor
  • Dietician
  • (for eating disorder program)
  • House managers
  • Individual and group therapists
  • Lead house manager
  • Nurtitional chef
  • Psychologist

Each staff member is practically trained in post-traumatic stress disorder care: sensitive to pay attention to the patient’s residual flight or fight reflexes plus triggers and gently improve the patient’s sleep hygiene.

To learn more about our treatment programs for addiction at Sovereign Health of Arizona, call our 24/7 helpline.