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Singer Eve shares how DUI charge turned her life around
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Singer Eve shares how DUI charge turned her life around

In the wake of increasing awareness, there has been a commendable improvement in the way people perceive those dealing with addiction or mental illness. This, in turn, has inspired many, including celebrities, to come forward and talk openly about their mental health issues, addiction or both. Joining the list of celebrities is the 39-year-old American rapper and singer Eve who recently opened up about the dark phase of her life and her skirmishes with prescription drugs and alcohol. The American singer made this revelation while co-hosting American TV show “The Talk.”

I call it my ‘dark hole’ period, my dark period’

During the talk show, Eve revealed that her addiction to alcohol began after she had moved out of a toxic relationship and was encountering a tough time professionally. With no TV show or a record deal in hand, the singer said, she took solace in alcohol and even popped Xanax to calm her emotions. At that point of time, Eve failed to realize that what she was doing to cope with her pain was only adding to her misery.

It was in 2007 when the singer’s life finally made a U-turn. It so happened that she was charged with DUI and was even handcuffed for it. For Eve, it was a wakeup call and it made her realize that the only way out of the mess was to deal with her emotions, instead of trying to escape them. She did manage to pull her act together and forced her way toward a healthy lifestyle.

Janet Jackson came to her aid at an after-party

Eve shared that she considers Janet Jackson as one of her idols. However, she recounted that their first meeting was more of a terrifying experience as the renowned singer had to come to Eve’s rescue at an after-party held for an award show years ago. Eve alleged that someone had spiked her drink at the party and soon after, she started behaving in a weird manner and started crying profusely. It was then that Janet comforted her and tackled the situation.

Addiction can be lethal

It is important to understand that any amount of alcohol is dangerous and so is the intake of prescription drugs. According to the latest report published by the Well Being Trust, the rate of alcohol-related deaths has increased by 40 percent over the past decade. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that around 66 percent of the total drug overdose deaths in 2016 involved a prescription or illicit opioid.

In spite of several warnings issued by the federal and other regulatory bodies, the number of people with addiction only seems to go up. So it is important to understand that addiction is no less than a curse and the only way to come out of it is seeking professional help. Sovereign Health is one of the leading treatment facilities in the country that offers customized prescription drug addiction treatment for women. With state-of-the-art facilities spread across the country, our prescription drug addiction treatment centers for women are among the best rehabs in the U.S. Call us at our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with one of the experts to know the complete details about the affordable drug and alcohol treatment offered in the U.S.

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