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Levels of Care

As patients spend time in treatment, the goal of a healthier, happier life stays the same. However, as they progress through treatment, their needs often change. It’s why we provide different levels of care at our Chandler facility. Ranging from 24-hour residential care to outpatient services, we strive to ensure every patient receives an effective level of care depending on their current needs.

Before treatment starts, every patient will receive a full physical and psychological check-up. By understanding each patient’s history, needs and problems, it allows us to create an individually tailored, effective treatment plan which gives them the best chance at a full recovery.

Residential Treatment Care (RTC)

During this level of care, patients live in a monitored sober living environment 24 hours a day. Studies have shown this level of care is particularly effective, allowing patients to work on their problems in a calm environment free from temptations and distractions.

Sovereign Health runs a series of secure, comfortable residential homes and apartments in quiet neighborhoods around Chandler. The living areas are equipped with cable televisions, laundry facilities and outdoor areas for patients to relax in. A nutritionist provides meals and snacks throughout the day, and patients can make dietary requests within reason. Patients sleep one to four to a room, and help out with chores. Additionally, crisis intervention is available 24/7. Smoking is allowed, but only in specific designated areas.

Patients can take advantage of a range of traditional and alternative treatments, including yoga and equine therapy. 12-Step program meetings are mandatory, and patients attend them four times a week. Additionally, we offer outings to various locations around Phoenix.

Our Chandler facility is also host to Sovereign Health’s new Serenity House program. Designed to help survivors of trauma and abuse, this program teaches self-calming techniques and other management skills to patients at the beginning of treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Despite the name, this is technically outpatient care. In PHP, patients attend intensive treatment similar to that received in a hospital environment during the day. At night, they either return home or to a sober living facility. For patient safety, many of the same rules which apply to inpatient treatment – such as no cell phones – apply to patients in PHP.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

During this level of care, patients receive treatment part-time. An IOP allows patients to benefit from treatment while participating in daily life. Patients can work – or look for work, further their education or spend time reconnecting with friends and family. Many IOPs encourage attendance in 12-step programs as well.

Outpatient Program (OP)

An OP allows further flexibility with a patient’s schedule, allowing them to receive much-needed treatment while allowing them to attend to their lives and daily responsibilities. It’s worth pointing out that studies have shown longer stays in more intensive programs have better and longer-lasting benefits.

Our Programs

At Chandler, Sovereign Health treats women aged 18 and older for:

  • Mental illness: Despite the very real stigma associated with mental disease, many mental illnesses respond well to treatment and/or management.
  • Substance abuse: Addiction is a chronic disease. We help patients dealing with addiction move past their problems, manage their cravings and find healthier outlets.
  • Dual diagnosis: A combination of a mental illness along with a substance use disorder, a dual diagnosis can be a difficult problem to treat. Sovereign Health specializes in treating these complex disorders.

Additionally, our facility specializes in treating women who are survivors of trauma and abuse.

Length Of Treatment

Every patient responds to treatment differently. Just as the levels of care will vary by individual, so will the length of treatment needed depend on the individual, their history and the nature of their problems. Most stays with us last between 30 and 90 days.

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