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Q. What is Sovereign Health?

A. We’re a leading provider of mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. Based in San Clemente, California, Sovereign maintains treatment centers across the United States.

Q. Where are you located?

A. Our Arizona treatment center is located in the city of Chandler, a short drive from downtown Phoenix. We also have properties in California, Florida, Texas.

Q. What kind of patients does Sovereign Health accept?

A. We strongly believe anyone who needs treatment should receive it. However, mental health and substance use disorders are very complex illnesses. We also recognize different patients have different needs. This is why our Arizona treatment center only accepts women between 18 and 65. Additionally, we specialize in treating survivors of abuse and trauma at Chandler. We recently introduced Serenity House, a unique phase of treatment only found at our Arizona treatment facility. During this phase, our patients receive diagnostic assessment while learning self-calming techniques in a calm, secure environment.

For physicians and other treatment professionals seeking referrals, here is a brief rundown of what patients are accepted at our other facilties:

  • Men and women aged 18 and older are welcome at our California, Florida and Texas treatment centers.
  • Men aged 40 and older can receive specialized treatment via Sovereign’s new Personal Recovery Integrating Men’s Experience (PRIME) program in Palm Desert, California.
  • Women aged 18 and older with eating disorders can receive treatment at Sovereign’s flagship offices in San Clemente, California.
  • Adolescents aged 12 to 17 can receive treatment at Rancho San Diego, Sovereign’s residential treatment center for teens. Rancho San Diego also treats girls aged 12 to 17 for eating disorders.

Q. What types of conditions do you treat in Arizona?

A. Patients at our Chandler facility can receive treatment for:

  • Mental illness: Mental disorders are common and respond well to treatment, but the public stigma around mental health sadly means many people never receive treatment. Sovereign provides expert mental health care in a safe, soothing environment.
  • Drug addiction: The United States is in the depths of an opioid crisis – drug overdoses kill thousands of Americans each year. Substance use disorders are chronic diseases which require careful management of mental and physical symptoms. Sovereign’s holistic approach to treatment ensures patients with these disorders are healed in mind and body.
  • Dual diagnosis: Sovereign Health is an expert treatment provider for patients who have co-occurring disorders, such as addiction and a mental health disorder.


Q. What levels of care do patients receive?

A. We provide different levels of care as patients move through our programs. It’s common for a patient to move to a less-intensive level of care as their treatment progresses.:

  • Residential treatment (RTC): Our residential treatment program provides patients with a distraction-free and safe environment. We operate 10 sober-living houses and apartments located in pleasant, quiet residential neighborhoods around Chandler. Patients sleep one to four to a room, depending on location. Crisis intervention is available 24 hours a day for the safety of patients. Meals are also provided.
  • Partial hospitalization (PHP): Patients attend intensive programming during the day and return home – or to a sober living environment – at night during this level of care.
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP): In this less-intense level of care, patients attend treatment for only part of the week, allowing them time to reintegrate themselves into mainstream society. Patients can still benefit from treatment while looking for work, furthering their education or reconnecting with family.
  • Outpatient (OP): This level of care allows for even more flexibility with the patient’s schedule.

Q. How long is a typical stay at Chandler?

A. Every patient is different, so that’s not an easy question to answer. Typically, most stays with us last between 30 and 90 days. Bear in mind, however, that studies have shown longer treatment stays tend to be more effective.

Q. What is the admissions process like?

A. Every patient is interviewed thoroughly before being admitted into treatment. Our comprehensive clinical assessment evaluates our patients’ health history, physical and mental health along with the history of any mental disorders or substance issues they may have. Every patient also receives a medical examination. This allows us to create an individually-tailored effective treatment plan.

Sovereign Health works with referring physicians and other health care professionals to make sure every patient’s transfer into our care is as easy as possible. For more information, health care professionals are invited to call our admissions team at 866-493-7545 or email info@sovhealth.com.

Q. Do you accept insurance

A. The added stress insurance paperwork can bring often makes obtaining treatment seem like an impossible task. Sovereign happily works with patients and referrers to make the process as seamless as possible. We accept most private insurance, and will also work with patients and referrers to determine how much coverage the patient’s plan costs – as well as any other financial options available.

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