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At Sovereign Health’s Chandler, Arizona, treatment facility, patients receive effective, evidence-based treatment modalities, ensuring the best possible chance at a lasting recovery. We use psychotherapy, group therapy and alternative treatments like yoga to help patients move past their problems and find out more about themselves. However, sobriety isn’t the only goal of treatment – we also try to teach.

Sovereign regularly plays host to events, seminars, luncheons, webinars and other networking opportunities for both patient and professional alike. These events contribute to the behavioral health industry, inform others about the latest treatment methods and contribute to the field of behavioral health at large. Sovereign is proud to support our patients, employees and industry by helping create a larger understanding of addiction and mental illness.

If you’re interested in upcoming events at Sovereign Health, please consult our calendar at If you’d like to host or speak at an event, please contact marketing and events specialist Jeanette Lisalda at 949-202-2332, ext. 1218 or via email at

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