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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention meeting with Phoenix lawmakers
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Over the course of a day’s work at a full-time job, one person in Arizona dies by suicide – every single day.

Advocates from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention are set to meet with lawmakers in the state capitol Tuesday, January 24, 2017, to hearten support of prioritizing suicide prevention legislation this year.

State Capitol Day in Arizona

“Our volunteers share their stories about why they participate in this advocacy effort with their state legislators to give a human face to this important health problem. We hope that by sharing our stories, we will help the legislators understand and prioritize suicide prevention.”

This from AFSP volunteer April Kelly, on the annual advocacy day staged here in Arizona today, and at 35 other state capitols this year, beginning in Spring.

Suicide in Arizona, the numbers

Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in Arizona; the third cause of death for fourth through eighth graders.

As mentioned in a previous article, though considered unethical by many cultures, suicide in the U.S. is “the only crime that is not illegal, the only injustice that has no perpetrator; but like a tsunami, even if those in close range can see it coming, they are unable to escape the grief and wreckage loved ones experience in the wake of someone’s suicide.”

The state of suicide and the law

As late as the 1980s, 20 states had some form of law prohibiting suicide attempts as a felony, but presently only assisted suicide is a crime for the accomplice. In 44 states, physician assisted suicide is illegal.

To be clear, there’s been no talk from AFSP or any other major organization to establish legislation making suicide illegal.

Rather, the efforts brought to legislators and citizens by AFSP are “dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide. AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health through education and community programs, develop[ing] suicide prevention through research and advocacy, and provides support for those affected by suicide.”

Sovereign Health understands suicide is often circumstantial despairing events compounded – or even narrated – by existing mental health issues. Using alternative therapies, cognitive treatments and infusing patients with practical tools for lasting wellness, we guide patients in A Better Way to A Better Life. Call our 24/7 helpline for details on how we tailor-fit mental health and addiction recovery.

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