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Rowling’s heartfelt advice for Harry Potter fan with depression
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Bowling’s heartfelt advice for Harry Potter fan with depression

One of the most popular authors of all times J.K. Rowling has always been frank about her mental illness and never felt ashamed of talking about it. In fact, she feels proud of having overcome depression. The creator of character Harry Potter has actively used social media to offer advice and words of wisdom to her fans dealing with tough times.

Recently, through a post on Twitter, a fan told Rowling how her stories provided a “magical escape” from “another bout of severe depression.” And what Rowling wrote is truly commendable. The author tweeted back that those stories had “saved their author too” and “nothing makes her happier” than to know that they did the same for other people too. On being asked which books the author turned to in rough times, Rowling replied that she found it “soothing and inspiring” to read “biographies of people who’ve led turbulent lives.”

In September 2017, when another fan wrote to her to get some inspiration, Rowling replied that the most gifted, beautiful and successful people have battled depression and “You are not alone.” In 2015, when asked about an advice she would give to someone who has failed to find meaning in life and wanted to give up, the author had responded via Twitter that the world is full of beautiful things yet to be seen. One should not think of giving up and losing the chance of witnessing the miracles of life.

Rowling underwent CBT to overcome suicidal tendencies

One of the most sought after books in modern literature, the Harry Potter series was largely developed while its author experienced severe depression and contemplated suicide. Rowling had admitted of becoming suicidal on being separated from her first husband and how the thought of her daughter growing up around her mother in the state of an illness prompted the author to seek professional help. Her condition was initially dismissed by a doctor but the author was later asked to seek professional counseling. She acted on her general physician’s advice and underwent cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that helped her to a great extent.

In addition to seeking professional counseling, Rowling started writing to fight her inner demons. She later managed to translate those depressive feelings into one of the characters Dementors. According to the author, Dementors are among the foulest creatures that have ever walked the earth who infested the darkest and filthiest places, drained peace and hope around them, and found glory in decay and despair. Slimy, cold and terrifying, these creatures feed on human happiness and generate feelings of despair and depression in anyone who come close.

Road to recovery

Depression is not simply a feeling of sadness and is not always easy to identify or treat. It is a serious mood disorder whose symptoms might remain hidden for years. The illness often causes people to experience low mood, poor self-worth, guilt, disturbed sleep and poor appetite. No matter what the cause is, it’s important to identify one’s feelings and the things that are likely to trigger depression as the first step toward getting effective treatment.

Compared to men, women have a higher chance of suffering from depression – with approximately 12 million American women suffering from clinical depression each year. Women also tend to experience the symptoms differently than their male counterparts owing to certain biological, hormonal and social factors unique to them. While a depressed man might become irritable and agitated, a depressed woman is likely to become withdrawn, sad and pessimistic.

Sovereign Health understands the plight of women suffering from mental illnesses and offers the finest inpatient depression treatment for women. Our state-of-the-art treatment facilities combine medication, psychotherapies and other experiential therapies for holistic recovery. For more information on our recovery programs or to get details about the finest depression treatment centers for women, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with our representatives.

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