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Mel C reveals her battle with depression, eating disorder
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“To be a pop star I had to be perfect, and that was my way of trying to achieve perfection.”

– Melanie Chisholm, Spice Girls star

Singer Melanie Chisholm, better known as Mel C, has opened up about her battle with depression and eating disorder. She has revealed about the intense pressure she faced to become a perfect pop star. In a recent interview for Bryony Gordon’s Mad World podcast, the Spice Girls fame singer talked about how she felt relieved post her depression diagnosis as she came to know that it could be treated.

The 43-year-old entertainer was diagnosed with depression in 2000 and was treated with antidepressants, underwent talk therapies and worked with an acupuncturist. She suffered a relapse around a year after her spilt with Thomas Starr, her ex-partner and the father of her daughter, in 2012. Talking about her depression relapse, Mel C said, “Sometimes you can do all the right things but it doesn’t matter.”

The “Wannabe” hit-maker also revealed that she suffered from eating disorder. Recalling her time with the group, the songstress said that her time with the “Spice Girls” was a fantasy, something that she always wanted. While her stint with the group bought her fame, Mel C experienced extreme guilt of not deserving her newfound popularity and that she was not a good enough singer or dancer.

Under pressure, Mel C thought that she had to be perfect to justify her newfound fame. Her thoughts coupled with comments from the public accusing her of being the plain one at the back who did not do much, she stopped eating properly and began exercising excessively. “I’d never starved myself, but I wasn’t eating properly and I was exercising obsessively and all of my time with the Spice Girls I think I was probably living on adrenaline, God only knows how I got through it and I think my body just got to the point where it was like – enough.”

For people with mental health problems or eating disorders, the star advises them to seek help through family, friends, professionals or online forums.

Depression: Most significant mental health risk for women

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a common but treatable disorder, depression affects over 17 million American adults in a year. Considered the most significant mental health risk for women, the APA reports that as compared to men, women are about two times more likely to suffer from major depression and dysthymia. The APA data also shows that depression in women is misdiagnosed nearly 30 to 50 percent of the time.

A debilitating mental disorder, depression can be caused by a number of factors, such as environment, psychology and genetic. There are different types of depression that include seasonal-effective disorder, postpartum depression, psychotic depression and bipolar disorder. When left untreated, depression can make one’s life unproductive and unbearable. Once diagnosed, it can be treated successfully either by psychotherapy, medication or a combination of both.

Road to recovery

Sovereign Health understands the plight of a woman suffering from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. At Sovereign Health of Arizona, a women-only rehab, patients suffering from mental health conditions receive comprehensive and individualized behavioral health treatment in a safe and supportive environment.

In addition to offering rehab for depression, our Chandler facility provides women patients treatments for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. For more information on our treatment programs or to know about our facility which is among the best depression treatment centers for women, call our 24/7 helpline number or chat online with one of our representatives.

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