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Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Laws protecting domestic abuse victims

Friends and family can go a long way toward helping domestic abuse victims overcome worrisome circumstances, but laws can ensure protection that loved ones cannot always provide. While some rules exist to assist vulnerable populations certain advocates find more protections are needed for vulnerable domestic violence victims. The United States Congress passed two major laws […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Stockholm syndrome: Origin of a diagnosis and its relationship to domestic abuse
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Standing by a hurtful person could seem contradictory. The typical human instinct when facing a threat is running away and hiding. For some women in abusive relationships, this protective nature seems to fall by the wayside. Stockholm syndrome is one illness putting the mental and physical health of the target in danger. Stockholm syndrome is […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Domestic violence’s effect on children
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The pain of domestic violence extends beyond the couple involved, as highlighted by Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is in October of 2015. The hits, screams and other forms of hostility can shake the walls of rooms and the hearts of children. Science indicates children in abusive homes are vulnerable and need protection from mental […]

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