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Adjunctive monoclonal antibody immunotherapy shows promise in treating schizophrenia

Humans are constantly coming into contact with potentially harmful pathogens, chemicals and infections. Fortunately, we have a complex system of defense — the inflammatory response of the immune system — that helps us fight off infection, remove toxins and repair damaged tissue. Infection, stress, nutritional factors and other complications in the mother during pregnancy and […]

Why women need women part 2 – Encouraging positive mental health among women
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With gender-specific risk factors, societal expectations and challenges in the home and in the workplace, women face some mental health challenges. For starters, women are twice as likely to experience depression compared to men. Similar statistics exist for general anxiety, posttraumatic stress and panic disorders. These facts present an inherit risk for a demographic that […]

A look at psychotherapy strategies
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“Getting your head shrunk” at the therapist’s office is sometimes reduced to a universal experience, but, in reality, different clinicians use various strategies for patients in their care. Lynn Margolies, Ph.D., notes the strategies of psychotherapy constantly overlap and evolve as the patient goes through the treatment process. Attachment theories – This strategy was first […]

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