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Researchers find the area of the brain involved in binge drinking
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About one-sixth of the U.S. adult population engages in binge drinking about four times per month, according to statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Despite the negative consequences that binge drinking has on society and individuals, very little is known about the brain circuitry underlying binge drinking behavior. In recent […]

Can primary care doctors manage mental illness?
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Primary care doctors may be good at handing out depression questionnaires and prescriptions for antidepressants, but are they treating mental illness effectively? A new study took a closer look at the care patients received over time. Findings Primary care providers often identify depression and anxiety symptoms in their patients, either as the underlying cause of […]

Fat distributions may influence risks of developing disordered eating
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A study by Drexel University is the first to have investigated the intricate relationship between fat distribution relative to body shape, body image dysfunction and the development of eating disorders. The study suggests that women who tend to store more fat in their abdominal region may be more susceptible to the risk of developing eating […]

Researchers successfully treat depression with new noninvasive technique
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An exciting new study conducted by researchers at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in collaboration with Harvard Medical School has found that a noninvasive form of vagus nerve stimulation can successfully reduce the symptoms associated with depression. This study was published in the scientific journal Biological Psychiatry. The study The vagus nerve (also […]

Exercise helps anxious adults quit smoking
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A study released just this April shows sedentary, daily smokers – specifically emotionally distressed smokers who also have anxiety about quitting, for fear of losing their coping mechanism – have a surer shot of quitting when taking up regular vigorous workouts. The study, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, illuminated 23 percent of former smokers with anxiety […]

Alcohol exposure during pregnancy effects multiple generations
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You like the smell of wine, the way it lingers on your tongue, from your very first sip. It seems your infatuation stems from another lifetime. It came a little too naturally to you. Though you may not be a reincarnated connoisseur, it turns out the proclivity indeed may be prenatal. A study released late […]

Gender gaps in behavioral health treatment
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It’s a catch-22 for certain. Although most clinical research has reflected data pulled from white male participants, men largely go in for treatment less than women. Although greater stigma is attached to women who’ve had issues with addiction or mental health, females seem to be more vocal about positive efficacy of treatment. And this doesn’t […]

Treatment-resistant depression may be linked to inflammation
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Scientists currently suspect that treatment resistant depression — or depression that does not readily respond to antidepressants or other traditional measures — is actually the result of inflammation in the brain. This past November, researchers at Emory University in Atlanta and Shenzhen University in China found further evidence for this claim. The study was published […]

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