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Don’t be a Bully Month: Relational aggression is a reality
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Described as an aggressive behavior involving real or perceived balance of power or strength, bullying behavior can be seen in both men and women. While most studies focus on boys as aggressors, girls can be bullies too. Though both boys and girls are known to indulge in bullying behavior, relational aggression is more common in […]

YouTube star and mental health podcaster Stevie Ryan commits suicide
Posted in Depression, Mental Health, Relationships - 0 Comments

Life can be unpredictable and though someone may appear to be doing fine, living the life he/she always wanted, be a celebrity, in a moment he or she may be gone. No one can ever figure out what depths and abysses exist in the life of others or what challenges they overcome to live the […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Caregiving during the holidays
Posted in Aging, Family, Relationships - 0 Comments

Caring for the elderly or invalid during the festive time of the year can bring joy or burden. It’s important for caregivers to avoid emotional burnout, which is a frequent occupational hazard, according to Melinda Smith, M.A., and Gina Kemp, M.A., contributors with HelpGuide. “If the stress of caregiving is left unchecked, it can take […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Solutions for family fights during the holidays
Posted in Emotions, Family, Relationships, Stress - 0 Comments

Hollywood scriptwriters enjoy a good holiday food fight in their films, but few enjoy actual conflict around an open fire. Nevertheless, some families join together in conflict and are worse off for it. The reasons for such a real life phenomena, as found by Leonard Felder, lie in the three-quarters of the population who find […]

Identifying personality disorder clusters
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Kurt Schneider’s 1923 seminal work “The Psychopathic Personalities” marks the beginning of our modern understanding of personality disorders. Schneider’s work still forms the basis of current classifications of personality disorders such as that contained in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM). Research has estimated the prevalence for personality disorders in […]

The opposite of loneliness is closeness
Posted in Emotions, Mental Health, Relationships - 0 Comments

If you’ve ever been lost in loneliness, you know the depth of that darkness. Emerging research provides several new arrows to add to one’s quiver in the fight against looming loneliness. Studies on loneliness PBS Digital Studio host of Braincraft Nessy Hill explores the science behind loneliness. In her exposition, she points to a 2007 […]

Low blood sugar linked to intimate partner violence
Posted in Anger, Mental Health, Relationships - 0 Comments

As children, we have been told to stay away from sugar. Donuts, candy, cookies and other sweets can make us gain weight, develop cavities and increase our risk for diabetes. The average American consumes 156 pounds of added sugar per year. Sugar is not just in typical junk food, but is also hiding in other […]

Oxytocin has different effects on stress in male and female mice

It’s often called the “cuddle hormone,” the “hug hormone” and the “love hormone.” Not only are these easier names to say than “oxytocin,” but they also describe what this chemical messenger produced by the brain’s pituitary gland does: Oxytocin makes social bonding feel good. Oxytocin seems to play a role in our relationship with animals: […]

Family-to-Family program helps loved ones cope with mental illness

Living with mental illness is difficult. Loving someone with mental illness – whether that person is a child, a significant other, a parent or a close friend – presents its own unique challenges as well. Your loved one might seem unpredictable or impossible to understand. You might stay up at night, wondering if there’s something […]

Beyond the Super Bowl myth:The real dangers of domestic abuse
Posted in Depression, PTSD, Relationships, Sex, Trauma and Abuse - 0 Comments

Finding patterns in domestic abuse can hold clues to combating this rampant societal scourge. In 1993, Sheila Kuehl, currently a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in California, held a press conference to declare Super Bowl Sunday as an especially dangerous time for female victims of domestic violence. Despite the attention to […]

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