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Study says drinking and smoking during pregnancy can put newborns in danger
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Pregnancy - 3 Comments

Even low levels of drinking and smoking during pregnancy can slow fetal development, cause severe harm and in some cases, even death of the fetus, found a recent study conducted by the researchers at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. The combined effect of drinking and smoking during pregnancy increased the risk of stillbirth and […]

Need to make postpartum care an ongoing process, says ACOG recommendations
Posted in Pregnancy - 0 Comments

Many problems can arise before or during pregnancy that has the potential to impact the health of the mother, child or both. During pregnancy, a woman can develop a physical or mental illness, or in case she is already suffering from one, then pregnancy can worsen the symptoms. Though occasional stress and anxiety related to […]

Pregnant women’s mental health impacts overall health of babies, finds study
Posted in Pregnancy - 0 Comments

Pregnant women’s mental health impacts overall health of babies, finds study Pregnancy, an exciting time for a woman, can also be challenging and stressful. In addition to the hormonal and physical changes, constant stress in anticipation of the new responsibilities, lack of support from family, and past or current substance abuse or mental health problem […]

Study finds high prevalence of marijuana use among pregnant women
Posted in Addiction, Pregnancy, Research - 0 Comments

Pregnancy is a blessing and the journey to becoming a mother is beautiful. However, for some women, it could be challenging in terms of dealing with morning sickness and anxiety. To cope with such a situation, some pregnant women statrt taking drugs. According to a recent study published in the journal JAMA, an increasing number […]

Smoking during pregnancy increasing among women with depression
Posted in Depression, Pregnancy, Women’s Health - 0 Comments

Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body and leads to numerous diseases. In addition to reducing the overall health of the smokers in general. Smoking during pregnancy can cause birth defects, premature birth and even death of the infant. A new research conducted at the Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and the […]

Prenatal alcohol exposure and likelihood of addiction
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Abuse, Pregnancy - 1 Comments

Although the adverse effects of alcohol are similar for both the sexes, women are at a greater risk even at lower levels of consumption. In addition to this drinking during pregnancy may harm the fetus and result in a number of birth-related defects in the unborn baby. Since there is no known safe level of […]

Mother’s Day: Pregnancy linked to higher death risk from traumatic injury
Posted in Pregnancy - 0 Comments

Pregnancy affects a woman in every possible way. A life-changing event, the nine-month period brings with it a host of emotional and physical changes. A unique time for a number of reasons, it can also bring up other issues including insecurities, difficult family situations and even abuse. Prior surveys have found one in six pregnant […]

Postpartum Depression May Not Be the Only Mood Disorder Affecting Pregnant Women
Posted in Depression, Mental Health, Pregnancy - 0 Comments

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), up to 85% of women experience a mood disorder in the post partum period. Becoming pregnant and giving birth to a baby can be extremely stressful. New mothers may be extremely worried about their newborn becoming sick or hurt in addition to the common stressors a new […]

Bringing baby home – Coming home
Posted in Children, Family, Motherhood, Pregnancy - 0 Comments

  Your baby’s homecoming from the hospital is a special occasion. To make this first journey as stress-free as possible, keep the following things in mind: Leaving the hospital Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate outfits for both yourself and baby in the hospital bag. Choose something roomy and light for maximum comfort as you might have […]

Bringing baby home – The birth plan
Posted in Children, Motherhood, Parenting, Pregnancy - 0 Comments

There are numerous aspects to birth that need to be considered or revised as the date approaches. Hence, it is best not to wait until the very last moments to make any such monumental decisions. One major way to avoid such last-minute hassles is to determine your birth plan ahead of time. What is a […]

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