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Bringing baby home – How to prevent preterm labor
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Premature labor occurs in about 12 percent of all pregnancies. Only 50 percent of premature babies survive unscathed, while the other half may die or face permanent problems. Hence, preventing premature birth is vital for the health of the baby. What is preterm labor? Preterm labor occurs when frequent contractions begin to open the cervix […]

Common psychological causes of eating disorders

Understanding the risk factors for patients with eating disorder is essential for a lasting recovery. Studies have shown that anorexia is most often caused by excessive perfectionism, while bulimia is commonly linked to trauma from sexual abuse. Recognizing the underlying psychological factors in each eating disorder helps create a more effective treatment. Stephen Arthur Wonderlich, […]

Body issues for women and the psychological impact

Brown University defines “body image” as how one physically perceives him or herself, how this person thinks others define their body and the sense of connectedness a person feels with his or her physical being. Brown University researchers found 74.4 percent of women in the average weight range think about their appearance on a regular […]

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