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Maternity leave boosts stress relief for new mothers
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Childbirth is quite strenuous on the mother, even after the event. Maternity leave provides mothers with the crucial gift of time. With it, they can more easily bond with the child and settle into a new parental role. Studies show the benefits of maternity leave in earnest. One study used statistics from the National Institute […]

Maternal instinct – Myth or a must?
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While reasons behind a lack of “maternal instinct” vary, society has put women refraining from having children under a microscope. Gillian Ragsdale, Ph.D., writing for Psychology Today, believes the idea of maternal instinct is a myth. She says many women don’t view having children as a must, but perceive the decision as marking a phase […]

Fitting it in – The working mother and exercise
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The eternal struggle of the working mother – balancing the different yet potentially fulfilling parts of life – can come at a price, even with the help of another parent. Part of that sacrifice lies in the health and fitness of a mother. One woman who knows this well is Leonie Callaway, a mother of […]

The darker side of the mother and daughter bond
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The connection between mother and daughter is much celebrated throughout culture. Various media through the years has depicted the bond as a shining pillar of many lives. When this important relationship is poisonous rather than beneficial, mental difficulties can occur. From an early age, depression and other mental health disorders can strain bonds between mothers […]

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