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6 large-scale brain networks reveal impairments during drug addiction
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Drug addiction is a chronic brain disorder described by obsessive or irrepressible drug seeking behavior that changes one’s cognition and emotional processes. While past studies on drug addiction considered mostly the reward system of the drug, a recent research has revealed that cognitive and emotional damage back the beginning, acceleration and maintenance of the addiction […]

Singer Eve shares how DUI charge turned her life around
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In the wake of increasing awareness, there has been a commendable improvement in the way people perceive those dealing with addiction or mental illness. This, in turn, has inspired many, including celebrities, to come forward and talk openly about their mental health issues, addiction or both. Joining the list of celebrities is the 39-year-old American […]

Middle-age women get more prescriptions for opioids after surgery, says report
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The metamorphosis of prescription painkillers from “wonder drug” to a cause of opioid epidemic has compelled federal agencies and many researchers to examine the groups particularly prone to addiction. A recent study by a group of researchers from the QuintilesIMS Institute suggested that in 2016, women in the age group of 40-59 years were prescribed […]

Recognizing signs and symptoms of Vicodin abuse

A prescription narcotic, Vicodin is prescribed for relieving moderate to severe pain. In addition to providing noticeable relief in pain, the drug causes its user to feel a rush of euphoria and relaxation. A central nervous system (CNS) depressant, the drug works by blocking pain receptors in the brain and inducing a sense of ecstasy, […]

Spike in opioid-related inpatient stays among women
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When it comes to the American opioid crisis, men have traditionally been known to have a higher hospital admission rate. However, as per a new report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), it seems like the female population across the U.S. has also caught up. According to the report, the period between […]

Arizona orders reporting of opioid-related data within 24 hours
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A week after Arizona declared a statewide health emergency due to the spike in opioid-related deaths, Governor Doug Ducey on June 13 issued an executive order requiring doctors, emergency responders, hospitals and all those encountering opioid overdose-related cases to send their data to the state health department within 24-hours of the event. The 24-hour deadline will be […]

Arizona declares statewide health emergency over opioid crisis
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The recent spike in opioid-related deaths in Arizona has led Governor Doug Ducey to declare a statewide health emergency. The emergency declaration allows the state to consolidate resources, coordinate both public and private health agencies and consolidate accurate data to fight the opioid epidemic. The declaration that was announced on June 5 also allows the […]

Arizona witnesses steep increase in opioid overdose deaths
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Facing an average of two overdose deaths a day, Arizona is reeling under a severe opioid crisis. According to a new report by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), drug overdose claimed a total of about 1,500 lives in 2016. Of these 790 were related to prescription opioid overdose and heroin. The report also […]

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