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Korsakoff syndrome: A dangerous risk for those with mental illness
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Korsakoff syndrome — a severe form of dementia caused by thiamine (vitamin B-1) deficiency — is most commonly found in alcoholics. Unfortunately, anyone with a poor diet can develop this deadly vitamin deficiency. Often people with mental illness develop symptoms without being successfully diagnosed by their doctors. What is Korsakoff syndrome? Korsakoff syndrome occurs when […]

Fitting it in – Foods and other strategies to fight menopause
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Aging is inevitable. The march into later years means menopause for women, a bodily change that comes with some new challenges. While hormones are one solution to menopause, less invasive strategies prove safe and beneficial to overall physical and mental health. Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD, supports a “menopause diet” full of vital nutrients and supplements. Drinking […]

Fitting it in – The importance of rest for fitness and mental health

A balanced routine of exercise and nutrition can help people stay physically and mentally fit. One aspect of any strong workout routine is rest, giving the body a chance to recover from exertion and build up energy. Rest is a mental benefit as well, as the mind is also using energy during a workout. Some […]

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