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Bringing baby home – Coming home
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  Your baby’s homecoming from the hospital is a special occasion. To make this first journey as stress-free as possible, keep the following things in mind: Leaving the hospital Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate outfits for both yourself and baby in the hospital bag. Choose something roomy and light for maximum comfort as you might have […]

Bringing baby home – The birth plan
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There are numerous aspects to birth that need to be considered or revised as the date approaches. Hence, it is best not to wait until the very last moments to make any such monumental decisions. One major way to avoid such last-minute hassles is to determine your birth plan ahead of time. What is a […]

Bringing baby home – Preparing for the new arrival
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There is one thing about babies: they are rarely ever on time. So avoid the last-minute panic by taking control of your pregnancy and starting the preparation for your new baby’s arrival now. Determine your budget Before you go ahead dreaming of dressing your child as no less than a celebrity, it’s best to align […]

Bringing baby home – How to prevent preterm labor
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Premature labor occurs in about 12 percent of all pregnancies. Only 50 percent of premature babies survive unscathed, while the other half may die or face permanent problems. Hence, preventing premature birth is vital for the health of the baby. What is preterm labor? Preterm labor occurs when frequent contractions begin to open the cervix […]

The silent stigma of female infertility
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Having children is a potential blessing out of reach for a growing number of people in recent years, according to data collected by Rebecca A. Clay and published in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology. The author explained that this was due to some women waiting until the age of 35 or later to […]

Child custody while dealing with substance abuse
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A 2009 report from the Institute of Education Sciences stated that parental substance abuse was a factor in 25 percent of child maltreatment investigations. This kind of abuse was also featured in 50 to 79 percent of child welfare cases, where a child was removed from a parent’s custody and handed over to foster care. […]

Brain changes before and after pregnancy
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Research is continuing to uncover some interesting information about what happens to a woman’s brain during and after pregnancy that motivates her to nurture and protect a newborn baby. Dr. Lane Strathearn, a developmental pediatrician at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas reports that recent research into brain activity in pregnant women can, in […]

Post-partum mental health disorders
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From the moment a woman discovers she is pregnant until the day her baby is born, there are changes, accommodations, questions, hopes and fears. The months of preparation include regular obstetrician visits, adjustments to ensure a healthy diet, changes in clothing to adjust to a growing baby, hopes that the baby will be healthy and […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Statistics and research of postpartum depression

The baby is born and chaos can take hold as the family scrambles to care for the new child. Disrupted sleep routines kick parents out of bed and economic challenges of diapers now affect financial spreadsheets. Despite this, many parents are glad to face these challenges for the sake of their baby. Some mothers experience […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Staying at peace during pregnancy
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Nourishing and nurturing another human being is hard work. The weight gain, hormonal changes and some possible emotional ups and downs can challenge a pregnant woman’s mental health. Rick Nauert, Ph.D., writing for Psych Central, claims pregnancy triggers more hormones in the woman’s body than any other time of her life. Research on the subject […]

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