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Exposure to household chemicals may stunt children’s IQ
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As if there was not enough asbestos to go around, a new study has found that we may be subjecting ourselves to even more dangerous household chemicals than we thought. The chemicals di-n-butyl phthalate (DnBP) and di-isobutyl phthalate (DiBP), used in a multitude of consumer products such as dryer sheets, soaps and hairsprays, were found […]

Types of depression that are unique to women
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Depression and suicide rates have historically been higher for women, according to past research. Much of the reason why the pathologies behind these disorders are still not completely understood is due to the large number of exclusively female depressive disorders. In addition to the regular depressive disorders such as bipolar or major depressive disorder, women’s […]

Progress and regression in treatment for trauma and PTSD
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Incidents of extreme trauma and the resulting disorders that develop are problems that should be addressed with immediacy and care. One of these conditions is classified as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is the re-experience of fear, emotions and a varied list of behavioral symptoms following a traumatic event. According to the U.S. Department of […]

Laughing gas as an antidepressant
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Nitrous oxide is recognized worldwide for inducing uncontrollable laughter. A new study has found that nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas,” may also be able to reduce symptoms of depression for patients unresponsive to treatment. The researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis believe their study is quite possibly the […]

Mental health care of the future
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The ability to accurately diagnose different disorders has been improved exponentially over the past several years. Diagnosing a physical disorder is made easier for doctors by utilizing the many diagnostic tools at their disposal including: Blood tests X-rays Angiograms – views of heart and blood vessels Endoscopy – an endoscope is a lighted, hollow tube […]

Factors that result in successful rehab for women
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Gender is not an indication that a patient will remain in treatment. Retention rates depend upon severity of symptoms, drug of choice, the level of motivation, criminal history, the magnitude of addiction and pattern of use. Among women especially, several factors have been identified that influence or predict the rate of retention. Relationships: Receiving support […]

Bill Cosby scandal: When sexual assault victims come forward
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Famed comedian and actor Bill Cosby is currently facing numerous sexual assault allegations. However, during a recent interview with Weekend Saturday Edition, Cosby declined to comment when asked about the claims. Instead, he chose to remain silent. In the past, the actor and his attorney have issued denials of similar charges. Cosby’s lawyer, John P. […]

Smartphone withdrawal and leisure distress
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Although the subject matter on whether smartphone addiction is real is still debatable, it seems a recent study has at least confirmed that symptoms of withdrawal exist. Kent State University investigators found that young adults who frequently use their phones suffer from an experience they refer to as “leisure distress,” marked by feelings of stress […]

Personality may predict longevity of friendships
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Although it is generally a good idea not to obsess too much about what others think about you, a new study suggests that in some cases, it might be. Research published in the journal Psychological Science has found that friends’ assessments of one’s personality may provide insight into their health and mortality. Although past studies […]

Twitter’s effect on mental health research
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With all the current research on social media and its negative effects on mental health, it is refreshing to see a study that looked at positive effects it may have. A Johns Hopkins team of computers scientists have developed a program to sift through large volumes of Twitter messages (tweets) to collect mental health data. […]

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