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Flushed pharmaceuticals end up in drinking water
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In 2016, according to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, state health facilities and providers distributed 305 million pain reliever pills. With this amount of medicine floating around the state, it’s no wonder that not all of it winds up being used by the person it’s prescribed to. Even pills that don’t land in the hands […]

New Mexico debuts effort against drug overdoses
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  Although New Mexico’s rate of fatal drug overdoses dropped in 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported the state still ranked eighth in the U.S. In response, State Attorney General Hector Balderas, law enforcement officials and district attorneys have created the Opioid Prevention and Education Network (OPEN), a new statewide […]

Trump aims to repeal and replace Obamacare
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A recent press conference revealed that President-elect Donald Trump plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and crack down on drug prices and the powerful lobbying influence of the pharmaceutical industry. The transcript was published in The New York Times. Through the ACA, health coverage became obtainable to millions of Americans, who otherwise may […]

Arizona governor supports addiction medicine training for doctors
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Arizona, like the rest of the country, is ill-prepared to handle the current epidemic of addiction. As prevalence rates for drug overdose, substance use disorders, mental illness and suicide continue to skyrocket, there just do not seem to be enough health care providers to help everyone who needs it. Gov. Doug Ducey announced that he […]

Can primary care doctors manage mental illness?
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Primary care doctors may be good at handing out depression questionnaires and prescriptions for antidepressants, but are they treating mental illness effectively? A new study took a closer look at the care patients received over time. Findings Primary care providers often identify depression and anxiety symptoms in their patients, either as the underlying cause of […]

Pharmacogenetic testing for bipolar disorder
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A diagnosis of bipolar disorder should not and does not come lightly. It means social stigma, years of lithium, continuous mood swings and the uncertainty of whether pharmacologic therapy will work. Lithium is the tried-and-true tested drug of choice and has been used since the 1970s for bipolar disorder. Lithium has shown to decrease acute […]

Do birth control pills help or hinder female mental health?
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For many years, controversy has surrounded birth control pills and whether they affect female mental health. The answer is: We just don’t know, because there has not been adequate research that links the specific mechanisms of birth control pill hormones to how they act on the brain. Many women admit that they experience severe mood […]

Adjunctive monoclonal antibody immunotherapy shows promise in treating schizophrenia

Humans are constantly coming into contact with potentially harmful pathogens, chemicals and infections. Fortunately, we have a complex system of defense — the inflammatory response of the immune system — that helps us fight off infection, remove toxins and repair damaged tissue. Infection, stress, nutritional factors and other complications in the mother during pregnancy and […]

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