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Alcohol Awareness Month: Federal judge ordered to undergo treatment for alcoholism
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As April is being observed as the Alcohol Awareness Month (AAM) across the country, it has come to light that a federal judge was ordered to get treatment for severe alcoholism post her unusual behavior on the bench that led to her mysterious removal from a string of cases. According to court records released on […]

Child custody while dealing with substance abuse
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A 2009 report from the Institute of Education Sciences stated that parental substance abuse was a factor in 25 percent of child maltreatment investigations. This kind of abuse was also featured in 50 to 79 percent of child welfare cases, where a child was removed from a parent’s custody and handed over to foster care. […]

Mental health report 2015 and what it means for Arizona
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The overall stance on mental health looks largely troublesome. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)’s third annual mental health report, in 2015, only 23 state mental health budgets increased – down from 29 in 2014 and 36 in 2013. Twelve states decreased general funds for mental health. Arizona is now one of […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Laws protecting domestic abuse victims

Friends and family can go a long way toward helping domestic abuse victims overcome worrisome circumstances, but laws can ensure protection that loved ones cannot always provide. While some rules exist to assist vulnerable populations certain advocates find more protections are needed for vulnerable domestic violence victims. The United States Congress passed two major laws […]

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