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How weightlifting helped Chloe Madeley deal with her anxiety
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Chloe Madeley, a former TV presenter and a one-time Dancing on Ice contestant, recently revealed that exercise enabled her to conquer her anxiety and insecurities along with ensuring physical transformation. Madeley (30), who is about to launch her own fitness empire, has confessed to battling with anxiety and the lack of confidence on a daily […]

Mass. apex court allows medical marijuana users to assert claims for handicap discrimination
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The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts ordered a groundbreaking ruling recently, allowing medical marijuana users in the state to assert claims for handicap discrimination under the state’s Fair Employment Practices Act. The ruling, given on July 17, 2017, allows workers fired from their jobs due to failed drug tests to seek remedy through claims of […]

Flushed pharmaceuticals end up in drinking water
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In 2016, according to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, state health facilities and providers distributed 305 million pain reliever pills. With this amount of medicine floating around the state, it’s no wonder that not all of it winds up being used by the person it’s prescribed to. Even pills that don’t land in the hands […]

Depression affects the entire body

Everybody gets the blues now and then. Periods of sadness, worry and regret are part of life, and most people move on. Depression is different. For one thing, depressive disorders don’t go away on their own. The same feelings of hopelessness and sadness that mark normal “blue” periods last much longer and can affect a […]

Assessing the effectiveness of yoga in treatment
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With roots in Indian philosophy going back centuries, yoga exercises both the body and mind, and millions of people around the world use it for mental, physical and spiritual well-being. According to the American Osteopathic Association, practicing yoga brings multiple health benefits, including: Protection from injuries Greater amounts of energy, strength and improved respiration Weight […]

Fat distributions may influence risks of developing disordered eating
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A study by Drexel University is the first to have investigated the intricate relationship between fat distribution relative to body shape, body image dysfunction and the development of eating disorders. The study suggests that women who tend to store more fat in their abdominal region may be more susceptible to the risk of developing eating […]

Exercise helps anxious adults quit smoking
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A study released just this April shows sedentary, daily smokers – specifically emotionally distressed smokers who also have anxiety about quitting, for fear of losing their coping mechanism – have a surer shot of quitting when taking up regular vigorous workouts. The study, published in Psychosomatic Medicine, illuminated 23 percent of former smokers with anxiety […]

Postpartum psychiatric disorders increase risk for suicide, mortality in new moms
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The birth of a child can be an exciting and joyful time in a mother’s life. While new mothers often are happily enjoying life with the newest addition to their family, the added pressures and responsibilities of having a child can still be extremely stressful for them. Mothers often experience mood disturbances — known as […]

Adjunctive monoclonal antibody immunotherapy shows promise in treating schizophrenia

Humans are constantly coming into contact with potentially harmful pathogens, chemicals and infections. Fortunately, we have a complex system of defense — the inflammatory response of the immune system — that helps us fight off infection, remove toxins and repair damaged tissue. Infection, stress, nutritional factors and other complications in the mother during pregnancy and […]

Dealing with an abusive husband in the middle of divorce

  Pandora’s box is unleashed: he knows you filed for divorce. You’re relieved, still scared but emotionally exhausted. The abuse has taken a toll on your body as well as your soul and you don’t have enough energy to research extensively what to do next. Here’s a brief list of how to deal and heal […]

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