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The silent stigma of female infertility
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Having children is a potential blessing out of reach for a growing number of people in recent years, according to data collected by Rebecca A. Clay and published in the American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology. The author explained that this was due to some women waiting until the age of 35 or later to […]

The gender divide in mental health
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The psychological differences between men and women are under contention in the mental health field and the public sphere. While the subject might be controversial to some, it has a major impact on mental health. Disparity between the genders can affect how professionals approach treatment for mental illness and addiction. One particular study supported by […]

How men and women age differently
Posted in Aging, Behavioral Health, Gender, Mental Health - 0 Comments

Men and women are different on several levels, including the aging process. The diverging characteristics have been a source of study for many years. A study released in 2003 about the mental health of elderly men and women further shed a light on how males and females think and feel about their health in their […]

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