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Oxytocin has different effects on stress in male and female mice

It’s often called the “cuddle hormone,” the “hug hormone” and the “love hormone.” Not only are these easier names to say than “oxytocin,” but they also describe what this chemical messenger produced by the brain’s pituitary gland does: Oxytocin makes social bonding feel good. Oxytocin seems to play a role in our relationship with animals: […]

Why women need women part 4 – Women’s Friendship Day
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September 20th, 2015 is Women’s Friendship Day, a time for bonding and thankfulness for females with female friends. Studies, such as one from the University of California, Los Angeles, find friendships between women are special and even benefit mental health. “Until this study was published, scientists generally believed that when people experience stress, they trigger […]

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