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Fitting it in – The importance of diet in fitness and mental health
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Food is fuel for both mental and physical wellbeing. A combination of restful sleep, fitness and balanced food intake maintains a healthy equilibrium. While things can get complicated when a steady diet of unhealthy food enters a person’s daily routine, completely disallowing occasional indulgences can be detrimental as well. “If it fits your macros” is […]

Fitting it in – The importance of rest for fitness and mental health

A balanced routine of exercise and nutrition can help people stay physically and mentally fit. One aspect of any strong workout routine is rest, giving the body a chance to recover from exertion and build up energy. Rest is a mental benefit as well, as the mind is also using energy during a workout. Some […]

Fitting it in – National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

Some women have much to juggle on a daily basis: careers, families, friends and (hopefully) fitness. While taking time to exercise can fall through the cracks, letting physical health deteriorate will eventually hurt every part of a woman’s life, including mental health. September 30, 2015 is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, a good time […]

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