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Parents in recovery: Learn self-care
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Parents in recovery for substance abuse or mental illness face many day-to-day stresses —managing their symptoms, maintaining their relationships, working, attending self-help meetings, taking care of their children, parenting and other aspects of their lives. The recovery process for parents can be challenging as parents learn how to take care of themselves and the needs […]

Balancing child custody during the holiday season
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While the holidays can be a cheerful time and an opportunity to reflect on all that has occurred over the past year, some memories and experiences can contribute to feelings of anger and resentment, especially among parents who are separated or divorced. Children of separated or divorced parents may particularly have a difficult time with […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Keeping the holiday cheer during and after a divorce
Posted in divorce, Family, Relationships, Stress - 0 Comments

When a relationship meant for a lifetime cannot survive the holidays, feelings of cheer can dwindle to a minimum. Maintaining a healthy attitude for the sake of civility and the children is critical for minimizing mental health complications. Randi L. Rubin, a family lawyer and contributor with the Huffington Post, said that families should hash […]

The gift of respect in relationships: How to survive the holidays with a dysfunctional or lost relationship
Posted in Emotions, Family, Relationships, Stress - 0 Comments

The holidays can be a happy time for families and marriages: a time to reflect on a year of achievements and warm memories or an opportunity for surfaced, hurt feelings of times past. Navigating the pitfalls can be perilous for the mental health of individuals and couples. In an article written by Michael Kerr and […]

The stresses and trials of stepmothers
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Coming into a family with children from a previous marriage is challenging for some stepmothers. Kids may still keep strong emotional bonds with their previous parent and see a new mother as a threat. Facing this trial can lead to mental health difficulties. Wednesday Martin, Ph.D., author of “Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Domestic violence’s effect on children
Posted in Abuse, Children, Family, Mental Health, Parenting, Violence - 1 Comments

The pain of domestic violence extends beyond the couple involved, as highlighted by Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is in October of 2015. The hits, screams and other forms of hostility can shake the walls of rooms and the hearts of children. Science indicates children in abusive homes are vulnerable and need protection from mental […]

Why women need women part 1 – The importance of support among women in friendship and business
Posted in Family, Mental Health, Relationships, Women - 0 Comments

Women often need women. Whether it is in sisterhood, friendship, romance or other roles, studies and anecdotes have shown the importance of women teaming up to take on life together. Madeline Vann, MPH, says friendships are especially crucial for establishing camaraderie, meeting personal goals and making progress through life events more enjoyable. Vann mentions a […]

Study finds fertility treatments may correlate with depression

Anxiety about fertility can typically be put to rest with the proper treatment. Those concerned with difficulty getting pregnant may decide to go through with procedures such as, directly fertilizing a female egg in a laboratory. Although this treatment may provide new hope for pregnancy, new research suggests procedures of this kind may lead to […]

The darker side of the mother and daughter bond
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The connection between mother and daughter is much celebrated throughout culture. Various media through the years has depicted the bond as a shining pillar of many lives. When this important relationship is poisonous rather than beneficial, mental difficulties can occur. From an early age, depression and other mental health disorders can strain bonds between mothers […]

Woman with less education than their mothers have worse mental health, study finds
Posted in Education, Family, Mental Health, Women - 0 Comments

Education has been at the forefront of mental health research and a surprising 2013 study has shed light on education as a marker of mental wellness. The study indicates that educationally underachieving daughters of well-learned mothers deal with increased mental health problems. Dr. Leigh Tooth and Professor Gita Mishra found education gaps between parent and […]

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