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U-4 linked to three Maricopa drug overdose deaths, says DEA
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“Your kid can be sitting next to you on a couch working his iPhone and ordering ‘Pink’ from a website in China for $35.” These are the strong words of caution from Arizona Drug Enforcement Agency’s special agent Doug Coleman. The DEA on Tuesday issued an alert that three Maricopa county residents died recently from […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Caregiving during the holidays
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Caring for the elderly or invalid during the festive time of the year can bring joy or burden. It’s important for caregivers to avoid emotional burnout, which is a frequent occupational hazard, according to Melinda Smith, M.A., and Gina Kemp, M.A., contributors with HelpGuide. “If the stress of caregiving is left unchecked, it can take […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Solutions for family fights during the holidays
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Hollywood scriptwriters enjoy a good holiday food fight in their films, but few enjoy actual conflict around an open fire. Nevertheless, some families join together in conflict and are worse off for it. The reasons for such a real life phenomena, as found by Leonard Felder, lie in the three-quarters of the population who find […]

Addressing the burdens of addiction over the holidays
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For addiction patients and their families, the holidays can present particular difficulties. Memories of past misadventures, stress brought on by obligations and estranged family members can compound behavioral disorders such as drug abuse. Recognizing these problems is the first step to guiding addicts through the holidays and fighting relapse. Burdens for those in recovery David […]

Alcohol exposure during pregnancy effects multiple generations
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You like the smell of wine, the way it lingers on your tongue, from your very first sip. It seems your infatuation stems from another lifetime. It came a little too naturally to you. Though you may not be a reincarnated connoisseur, it turns out the proclivity indeed may be prenatal. A study released late […]

Oxytocin has different effects on stress in male and female mice

It’s often called the “cuddle hormone,” the “hug hormone” and the “love hormone.” Not only are these easier names to say than “oxytocin,” but they also describe what this chemical messenger produced by the brain’s pituitary gland does: Oxytocin makes social bonding feel good. Oxytocin seems to play a role in our relationship with animals: […]

Bringing baby home – Coming home
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  Your baby’s homecoming from the hospital is a special occasion. To make this first journey as stress-free as possible, keep the following things in mind: Leaving the hospital Pack comfortable and weather-appropriate outfits for both yourself and baby in the hospital bag. Choose something roomy and light for maximum comfort as you might have […]

Family-to-Family program helps loved ones cope with mental illness

Living with mental illness is difficult. Loving someone with mental illness – whether that person is a child, a significant other, a parent or a close friend – presents its own unique challenges as well. Your loved one might seem unpredictable or impossible to understand. You might stay up at night, wondering if there’s something […]

Help for mothers in need of addiction treatment

Pam is a single mother of two beautiful little girls, Patty and Penny. Patty is a curious, but affectionate 6-year-old. Penny is a very smart 4-year-old, but prone to temper tantrums. Pam works nights at a convenience store and struggles to make ends meet. She was never much of a drinker and always tried to […]

I don’t: How marital difficulties can lead to depression

Successful marriages are strongly associated with health, happiness and longevity. All marriages have their share of difficulties that can be overcome when couples work on them together. In fact, overcoming difficulties fosters resilience in relationships and strengthens the bond between partners. Sometimes, marital difficulties persist over time and lead to depression in one or both […]

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