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Self-injury Awareness Month: Is self-harm a coping mechanism or an act of self-punishment?
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A deliberate act of hurting one’s own body by cutting, burning or inflicting other forms of injury is termed as self-harm, a behavior that indicates the lack of coping skills. Self-injury is an unhealthy way to cope with one’s emotional pain, anger and frustration. While the act may generate a momentary sense of calm and […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Solutions for family fights during the holidays
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Hollywood scriptwriters enjoy a good holiday food fight in their films, but few enjoy actual conflict around an open fire. Nevertheless, some families join together in conflict and are worse off for it. The reasons for such a real life phenomena, as found by Leonard Felder, lie in the three-quarters of the population who find […]

The opposite of loneliness is closeness
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If you’ve ever been lost in loneliness, you know the depth of that darkness. Emerging research provides several new arrows to add to one’s quiver in the fight against looming loneliness. Studies on loneliness PBS Digital Studio host of Braincraft Nessy Hill explores the science behind loneliness. In her exposition, she points to a 2007 […]

Oxytocin has different effects on stress in male and female mice

It’s often called the “cuddle hormone,” the “hug hormone” and the “love hormone.” Not only are these easier names to say than “oxytocin,” but they also describe what this chemical messenger produced by the brain’s pituitary gland does: Oxytocin makes social bonding feel good. Oxytocin seems to play a role in our relationship with animals: […]

The importance of emotional hygiene

Emotional hygiene is the practice of sustaining mental health in the face of emotional wear and tear. It is a vital component of mental health self-care, yet all too often it gets ignored. Without it, certain mental illnesses, such as depression or drug addiction, can set in and make life much more difficult. A neglected […]

The gift of respect in relationships: How to survive the holidays with a dysfunctional or lost relationship
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The holidays can be a happy time for families and marriages: a time to reflect on a year of achievements and warm memories or an opportunity for surfaced, hurt feelings of times past. Navigating the pitfalls can be perilous for the mental health of individuals and couples. In an article written by Michael Kerr and […]

Motherhood – The big decisions: Staying at peace during pregnancy
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Nourishing and nurturing another human being is hard work. The weight gain, hormonal changes and some possible emotional ups and downs can challenge a pregnant woman’s mental health. Rick Nauert, Ph.D., writing for Psych Central, claims pregnancy triggers more hormones in the woman’s body than any other time of her life. Research on the subject […]

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