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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention meeting with Phoenix lawmakers
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Over the course of a day’s work at a full-time job, one person in Arizona dies by suicide – every single day. Advocates from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention are set to meet with lawmakers in the state capitol Tuesday, January 24, 2017, to hearten support of prioritizing suicide prevention legislation this year. State […]

Initiatives bring help for intimate partner violence to the local hair salon
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A trembling voice asked a loved one to watch her kids because her partner had “some business to attend to” and she didn’t know how long it would take, thus, she pleaded if the children could spend the night if she didn’t return in good time. Women who are being abused at home are often […]

One in four Americans are using a drug that makes them callous and uncaring
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Do Americans today seem more callous and uncaring than in the past? If so, the reason may be that many people are taking something that dulls emotional responses and results in a lack of empathy for others. Chances are you’ve taken it. Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is one of the most widely used drugs in the world […]

6 depression triggers to recognize during the aging process

As we get older, we experience more milestones and triumphs. Unfortunately, we also experience new hurdles and stressors, many of which can trigger depression. Here are a few surprising depression triggers that occur during the aging process. 1.Stress Being an adult is stressful. Adults with children might need to dedicate hours upon hours each day […]

Do birth control pills help or hinder female mental health?
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For many years, controversy has surrounded birth control pills and whether they affect female mental health. The answer is: We just don’t know, because there has not been adequate research that links the specific mechanisms of birth control pill hormones to how they act on the brain. Many women admit that they experience severe mood […]

The thyroid’s link to mental health
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The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ that lies in the anterior neck region. It is primarily responsible for the body’s metabolism as it secrets a number of hormones collectively termed thyroid hormones, but more specifically thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3), each making up 80 percent and 20 percent of the total thyroid hormones respectively. These […]

Dealing with an abusive husband in the middle of divorce

  Pandora’s box is unleashed: he knows you filed for divorce. You’re relieved, still scared but emotionally exhausted. The abuse has taken a toll on your body as well as your soul and you don’t have enough energy to research extensively what to do next. Here’s a brief list of how to deal and heal […]

The importance of emotional hygiene

Emotional hygiene is the practice of sustaining mental health in the face of emotional wear and tear. It is a vital component of mental health self-care, yet all too often it gets ignored. Without it, certain mental illnesses, such as depression or drug addiction, can set in and make life much more difficult. A neglected […]

The gift of respect in relationships: The importance of respectful arguments

Communicating in a respectful matter is essential for the continuation of not only society but relationships of any kind. Drake Baer, a writer with Business Insider, opined that how relationships handle conflict and arguments is key to the health of the romance. “If they don’t have those conversations, over time their relationship will deteriorate,” said […]

The gift of respect in relationships: Establishing the foundation of a respectful relationship

“Relationships live and die not by the sword, but by the amount of discussion.” — John M. Grohol, Psy.D., founder and CEO of Psych Central Respect is arguably the foundation of every kind of relationship, including the romantic varieties. Learning respectful behaviors is key to maintaining emotional integrity in a partnership for the long haul. […]

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