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Don’t be a Bully Month: Relational aggression is a reality
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Described as an aggressive behavior involving real or perceived balance of power or strength, bullying behavior can be seen in both men and women. While most studies focus on boys as aggressors, girls can be bullies too. Though both boys and girls are known to indulge in bullying behavior, relational aggression is more common in […]

Phoenix-area resources helping abused women become self-sufficient
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When someone escapes a crisis situation, the most basic needs take priority. If self-sufficiency is ignored, the victim could easily be back at square one. Many organizations work tirelessly to help women who are victims of abuse become self-sufficient again. St. Joseph the Worker This Phoenix nonprofit has helped disadvantaged individuals become self-sufficient through quality […]

Woman with less education than their mothers have worse mental health, study finds
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Education has been at the forefront of mental health research and a surprising 2013 study has shed light on education as a marker of mental wellness. The study indicates that educationally underachieving daughters of well-learned mothers deal with increased mental health problems. Dr. Leigh Tooth and Professor Gita Mishra found education gaps between parent and […]

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