Eating Disorders

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Eating disorders also affect middle-aged and older women
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Millions of Americans are currently grapple with eating disorders, and the problem seems to only worsen gradually. On coming across the term “eating disorder,” one usually get thoughts of adolescents and young women suffering from the mental condition. And it is difficult to assume women aged 35-60 years using laxatives to shed off extra fat, […]

Mel C reveals her battle with depression, eating disorder
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“To be a pop star I had to be perfect, and that was my way of trying to achieve perfection.” – Melanie Chisholm, Spice Girls star Singer Melanie Chisholm, better known as Mel C, has opened up about her battle with depression and eating disorder. She has revealed about the intense pressure she faced to […]

Older women develop eating disorders, too

Tens of millions of people in the U.S. currently struggle with eating disorders, and the problem appears to be getting worse. Teenage girls and young women are most often affected, but the problem can occur in anyone across all ages and ethnic backgrounds worldwide. “Eating disorders are caused by a complex interaction of genetic, biological, […]

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