Drug Abuse

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MRSA superbug infections on the rise among drug users
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A type of superbug bacteria called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is increasingly affecting those who use injections to abuse drugs, according to a new United States government report published recently. Thriving mostly on the skin, MRSA bacteria usually do not cause any major symptoms, but can prove to be deadly if they find their way […]

Priscila Cachoeiraoverpoweredcrack addiction to make it to UFC
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As Priscila Cachoeira gears up for her debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), many still wonder about her meteoric rise from addiction to becoming a title contender. It was not an easy journey for the Brazilian flyweight, who will be facing veteran Valentina Shevchenko at the UFCFight Night 125 in Belem, Brazil, on Feb. […]

Granny gets 12-year prison sentence for flying with cocaine worth $500,000
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An old woman was recently arrested for flying from Las Vegas to Detroit with cocaine worth $500,000. The drug, which was wrapped in towels and concealed in her luggage, was to be delivered to her dealers, allegedly the kingpin of the show. She now faces a 12-year prison sentence. This was not the first time […]

Lake County teacher caught snorting cocaine in school; district considers drug-testing teachers
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After a 24-year-old English teacher from Lake Central High School was caught snorting cocaine in school in November 2017, law enforcement agencies are considering a new policy where teachers would be subject to drug tests as well. This is a novel move by the Indiana district officials as currently only school bus drivers and students […]

Small dose of methadone can help curb heroin cravings, finds study
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Simply erasing the memories of drug highs can be a possible way to help people with heroin addiction, suggested a recent study. Researchers at China’s Peking University have developed a unique memory retrieval-extinction procedure, which, in combination with methadone treatments, can reprogram the minds of people struggling with addiction. The researchers analyzed the formation of […]

Magnetic simulation might be the answer to cocaine addiction
Posted in Addiction, Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction Treatment - 0 Comments

For some people, an addiction to illicit substances can become an unwanted but necessary way of life. Certain people, despite seeking treatment for recovery, are unable to find the appropriate treatment plan and as a consequence fail to respond to medications. This leaves a large section of the population yearning for better medical facilities or […]

Medical marijuana is no magic pill for chronic pain or PTSD symptoms, finds study
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Generally taken to alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic pain, there is little evidence to prove that medical marijuana is helpful in treating either of the conditions. This has been suggested by two recent peer reviews published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Conducted by a team of researchers at the […]

Couple arrested for giving drugs to newborn for hiding her withdrawal symptoms

A couple in Utah has been arrested for allegedly giving prescription pain medicine Suboxone to their newborn daughter the day she was born. According to the police, on April 9, 2017, when the medical staff at Utah Valley Hospital were out of the room, Lacey Dawn Christenson (26) and Colby Glen Wilde (29), crushed Suboxone […]

Mass. apex court allows medical marijuana users to assert claims for handicap discrimination
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The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts ordered a groundbreaking ruling recently, allowing medical marijuana users in the state to assert claims for handicap discrimination under the state’s Fair Employment Practices Act. The ruling, given on July 17, 2017, allows workers fired from their jobs due to failed drug tests to seek remedy through claims of […]

Prenatal alcohol exposure and likelihood of addiction
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Abuse, Pregnancy - 1 Comments

Although the adverse effects of alcohol are similar for both the sexes, women are at a greater risk even at lower levels of consumption. In addition to this drinking during pregnancy may harm the fetus and result in a number of birth-related defects in the unborn baby. Since there is no known safe level of […]

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