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Protection of substance abuse records

Despite the recognition that addiction is a disease that affects the brain, the view that people with substance use disorders are weak, dangerous or incompetent is still very common in society. Stigma makes people more reluctant to acknowledge that they have a problem and to seek treatment. People may fear being labeled negatively, excluded and […]

How resource discrimination affects women’s health
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Physical, mental and financial autonomy are rights necessary for strong mental and physical health. Earning enough to live and getting easy access to birth control are especially pertinent challenges for women in the modern age. Numerous studies highlight the affect these subjects have on women’s health. Unequal pay, declined quality of life The Wayne County […]

The feminization of poverty – Poverty’s unbalanced effect on women
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The term “feminization of poverty” was coined by researcher Diana Pearce in 1978 after she discovered two-thirds of the poor were women. The problem’s disproportion was further magnified when African-American women were surveyed by researchers. Recent statistics don’t fare much better. The National Women’s Law Center released figures highlighting rates of poverty in the United […]

Catcalls – The mental health impact of verbal and cultural disrespect
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Silence can be taken for granted. Some individuals, particularly women, don’t always have the luxury of experiencing life in a safe, quiet space. Unwanted catcalls from onlookers can cause distress, disrupting the victim’s sense of security. Catcalling occurs in a society where female self-objectification is rampant, as noted in the article “Female Self-Objectification: Causes, Consequences […]

Gynecological cancers – Myths, facts and impact

Recognizing health issues and acting on a solution can save lives. Knowing the truth behind health problems is essential. A recent survey by Eye Appeal, a cancer charity, finds 39 percent of women experience a certain stigma following diagnosis of gynecological cancer, partially due to some of them believing the number of sex partners contributes […]

Why women need women part 3 – The cost of women tearing each other down
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The world is big place, full of challenges and personal difficulties. Teamwork is essential for overcoming burdens too heavy for one person to bear. Women can share the deepest of secrets and feelings with each other, building great bonds and scary weapons for future moments of weakness. It is because of this friendships in and […]

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