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Body dysmorphic disorder isn’t limited to ‘the Human Barbie’

Right now, at least half a dozen women consider themselves to be “the Human Barbie.” A quick Google search reveals most of their names: Valeria Lukyanova, Lolita Richi, Sarah Burge, Hannah Gregory, Pixee Fox and Jenny Lee. These women have become Internet sensations by molding their bodies into unrealistic shapes via makeup, plastic surgery and […]

Fitting it in – Foods and other strategies to fight menopause
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Aging is inevitable. The march into later years means menopause for women, a bodily change that comes with some new challenges. While hormones are one solution to menopause, less invasive strategies prove safe and beneficial to overall physical and mental health. Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD, supports a “menopause diet” full of vital nutrients and supplements. Drinking […]

Fitting it in – Herbs and spices for better mental health
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Age-old homeopathy is making a comeback. While many conventional methods exist to positively impact mental health, such as seeking therapy, exercising and eating right, spices and herbs are often used in tandem to treat mental health conditions. One such herb is holy basil, also known as “Tulsi,” or “Incomparable One” in Hindu cultures. Holy basil, […]

Fitting it in – The importance of diet in fitness and mental health
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Food is fuel for both mental and physical wellbeing. A combination of restful sleep, fitness and balanced food intake maintains a healthy equilibrium. While things can get complicated when a steady diet of unhealthy food enters a person’s daily routine, completely disallowing occasional indulgences can be detrimental as well. “If it fits your macros” is […]

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