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Study says drinking and smoking during pregnancy can put newborns in danger
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Pregnancy - 3 Comments

Even low levels of drinking and smoking during pregnancy can slow fetal development, cause severe harm and in some cases, even death of the fetus, found a recent study conducted by the researchers at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. The combined effect of drinking and smoking during pregnancy increased the risk of stillbirth and […]

Alcohol abuse leading to a higher number of female cirrhosis patients, cautions study
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Over the past few years, it is being observed that there has been a considerable increase in the number of women being detected with alcohol use disorders (AUD). This, in turn, is increasing their susceptibility to various health hazards. One such problem increasingly being diagnosed among women consuming alcohol is cirrhosis, in which an individual’s […]

Luann de Lesseps opens up about her PTSD and alcoholism
Posted in Alcohol Rehab - 0 Comments

The vagaries of life might not always be as per one’s expectation. Recently, noted American television personality Luann de Lesseps opened up about her addiction and mental problems. In December 2017, de Lesseps checked into an alcohol abuse rehabilitation center after she was apprehended on charges of drunken driving during Christmas weekend. It’s only after […]

Alcoholism in women may be due to higher estrogen level, says study
Posted in Alcohol Rehab - 0 Comments

Dependence on alcohol is a common problem among Americans. Many factors are responsible for the growing alcoholism in the country. Now, a group of researchers have suggested that high estrogen levels in women may be linked to increased sensitivity for alcohol in the brain’s “reward center.” According to a study published online in the journal […]

Chemical aversion therapy effective in relieving alcohol cravings, finds study
Posted in Alcohol Rehab - 0 Comments

Indulgence in alcohol has been a common problem among Americans for years. This is evident from the study titled “Remarkable Increases in Alcohol Use Disorders” that shows roughly one out of every eight Americans battling alcohol use disorder (AUD). The study published online in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in September 2017 assessed around 30 million […]

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month: Need to spread message about ill effects of drinking during pregnancy
Posted in Alcohol Rehab - 0 Comments

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can result in a host of physical and behavioral disorders in infants. Physicians group such disorders under fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 3 million women in the United States carry a high risk of exposing their developing baby […]

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Why some women opt out of post-treatment care
Posted in Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab - 0 Comments

Addiction is a problem that many people face irrespective of their race, gender and social status. The extent of addiction problems depends on the nature of the substance one is addicted to. Treatment is essential for individuals with an addiction to ensure complete recovery. However, many women with substance use disorder (SUD) tend to commit […]

“I was, point blank, just drinking too much!”: Chrissy Teigen on her struggle with alcohol
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Recovery - 0 Comments

A beloved celebrity known for her straightforward answers, actor Chrissy Teigen opened up about her struggle with alcohol abuse, in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan. Talking about her past troubles with alcohol, Teigen said that she “was, point blank, just drinking too much.” The model and cookbook author also revealed that there is a history […]

Prenatal alcohol exposure and likelihood of addiction
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Drug Abuse, Pregnancy - 1 Comments

Although the adverse effects of alcohol are similar for both the sexes, women are at a greater risk even at lower levels of consumption. In addition to this drinking during pregnancy may harm the fetus and result in a number of birth-related defects in the unborn baby. Since there is no known safe level of […]

Benefits of light alcohol may be overstated, finds study
Posted in Alcohol Rehab - 0 Comments

It has been stated repeatedly that moderate alcohol use may offer some health benefits, especially for the heart. But, a new study by researchers from the Pennsylvania State University seems to state otherwise. According to the study, benefits of light alcohol consumption as well as the risks associated with not drinking at all might be […]

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