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Missouri bill aims to prevent women from using drugs during pregnancy
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Jered Taylor, a Nixa Republican, is on a mission to save the children of Missouri from the clutches of opioid epidemic. On Feb. 19, 2018, a bill, sponsored by the Republican lawmaker, made it a first-degree felony if a pregnant woman knowingly endangers the life of her child by using controlled substances without the doctor’s […]

‘Heroin(e)’: Eye-opening movie on opioid crisis presents less-discussed aspects
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A short documentary titled ‘Heroin(e)’ recently released on the Netflix talks about the state of opioid epidemic in Huntington, West Virginia, which is also known as “overdose capital of America.” It appears as if all the residents of this region—gas station employees, first responders reviving an overdosed person in the checkout line, homeless users, church […]

Marijuana not only involves risk of addiction, but can cause meningitis as well!
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Marijuana is one of the most addictive substances in the world. Owing to the rising public demand for the decriminalization of medical as well as recreational marijuana, it is currently legal in a number of states across the United States, including District of Columbia. While the number of those using pot has not risen significantly […]

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Day: Coping strategies for rape victims to manage trauma
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The idea of women being more independent and secure goes for a toss when a person belonging to the fair sex becomes a victim of rape. While male chauvinists opine that a woman is raped when she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or blame her for the incident; it is a frightful […]

Alcohol Awareness Month: Why do women drink?
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“I didn’t get drunk, but I liked how the wine took the edge off my day … if the alcohol failed to take away the sadness, it made the feeling blurrier,” said Helen, the principal protagonist of the novel Under the Influence, written by best-selling author Joyce Maynard’s. It is a fact that women tap […]

Phoenix-area resources helping abused women become self-sufficient
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When someone escapes a crisis situation, the most basic needs take priority. If self-sufficiency is ignored, the victim could easily be back at square one. Many organizations work tirelessly to help women who are victims of abuse become self-sufficient again. St. Joseph the Worker This Phoenix nonprofit has helped disadvantaged individuals become self-sufficient through quality […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Stockholm syndrome: Origin of a diagnosis and its relationship to domestic abuse
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Standing by a hurtful person could seem contradictory. The typical human instinct when facing a threat is running away and hiding. For some women in abusive relationships, this protective nature seems to fall by the wayside. Stockholm syndrome is one illness putting the mental and physical health of the target in danger. Stockholm syndrome is […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – The danger of hope and why victims stay with their abusers
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For those who have never been in an abusive relationship, staying with an aggressor may seem irrational and self-destructive. However, this well-studied phenomenon continues to occur, leading victims down a path of constant physical and mental abuse. In a study titled “Domestic Violence Survivors’ Self-Identified Reasons for Returning to Abusive Relationships” and led by Sascha […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Domestic violence’s effect on children
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The pain of domestic violence extends beyond the couple involved, as highlighted by Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is in October of 2015. The hits, screams and other forms of hostility can shake the walls of rooms and the hearts of children. Science indicates children in abusive homes are vulnerable and need protection from mental […]

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