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Mindfulness meditation training can help patients with subthreshold depression, finds study
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Depression is one of the most common mental conditions affecting millions across the world. The increasing prevalence of this emotional disorder has spurred a host of researches to look for effective medications or therapies to cure people affected by it. Now, a recent study suggests that mindfulness meditation training can help prevent major depression. Researchers […]

Obsessive compulsive disorder common among new mothers
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Angelina (name changed) has been living in a state of trauma ever since her son was born in January. The 30-year-old new mom from Arizona says her feeling of motherhood was different from that experienced by her other friends. Angelina revealed how she frequently suffered from bouts of sadness which led to loss of interest […]

Glenn Close strives to spread awareness about mental illness to end the associated stigma
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Not many are brave enough to reveal and share about mental health problems running in their genes. It takes a lot of strength and innate courage to act responsibly and offer the much needed support and care to your loved ones when they confess about the demon called mental problems troubling them. The realization that […]

Rihanna slams Snapchat for making fun of domestic violence issue
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Pop sensation Rihanna was outraged recently over an ad for a game, “Would You Rather,” of Snapchat that made fun of her 2009 domestic violence incident that she experienced during her relationship with American singer Chris Brown. The controversial ad asked users whether they would rather slap Rihanna or punch her former partner Brown. As […]

Self-injury Awareness Month: Is self-harm a coping mechanism or an act of self-punishment?
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A deliberate act of hurting one’s own body by cutting, burning or inflicting other forms of injury is termed as self-harm, a behavior that indicates the lack of coping skills. Self-injury is an unhealthy way to cope with one’s emotional pain, anger and frustration. While the act may generate a momentary sense of calm and […]

Understanding key differences between bipolar disorder and premenstrual dysphoric disorder
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It is quite natural to confuse between different types of mental disorders due to similarity or overlapping of the symptoms. It is also common to get confused between a mental condition and a mood disorder due to similar set of symptoms. This often leads to misdiagnosis of the problem, leading to other complications. One such […]

Self-injury Awareness Month: Memoir by Demi Lovato’s mom reveals struggles of bringing up the star
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Self-harm is a means of masking psychological distress with physical injury. It provides a temporary relief from emotional numbness, and diverts the attention from the root cause of the problem. Such behavior is commonly observed in older adolescent girls. The World Health organization (WHO) reports that globally self-harm is the second leading cause of mortality […]

International Women’s Day: Most domestic violence cases are dismissed, leaving the victim vulnerable
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Looking at the important role that women play in the society, authorities and various organizations need to sit up and create an atmosphere where they feel safe and respected. Thus, a concerted effort is needed to address women-related issues like femicide, sexual harassment and domestic violence so that women are accorded the respect and recognition […]

Meghan Trainor talks about her fight against anxiety and depression
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Meghan Trainor, who has earned a lot of name and fame just at the age of 24, is recognized for her enigmatic pop hits that she has been delivering for quite some time now. However, not many people know that the American singer and songwriter has been grappling with mental health disorders for the past […]

Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley reveals her struggles with drugs and alcohol
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Lisa Marie Presley recently opened up about her struggles with painkillers, alcohol and opioids while undergoing multiple legal battles. In the newly discovered legal documents filed by Presley for her divorce from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood, the star has admitted to “abusing cocaine terribly,” especially in the last three years of her marriage, and […]

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