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Study says drinking and smoking during pregnancy can put newborns in danger
Posted in Addiction, Alcohol Rehab, Pregnancy - 3 Comments

Even low levels of drinking and smoking during pregnancy can slow fetal development, cause severe harm and in some cases, even death of the fetus, found a recent study conducted by the researchers at the Stellenbosch University in South Africa. The combined effect of drinking and smoking during pregnancy increased the risk of stillbirth and […]

Bipolar disorder treatment may help improve patient’s quality of life, says study
Posted in Addiction - 0 Comments

Individuals with bipolar I disorder have a significantly lower quality of life than healthy individuals, says a recent study. This association was found to be true regardless of the severity of the mental disorder. Bipolar disorder (BD) or manic-depressive disorder is a mental illness characterized by unusual highs and lows in mood, energy and activity […]

Problem-solving education may lower depression risk among low-income moms, finds study
Posted in Depression - 0 Comments

Depression is a common mental problem bothering a majority of the U.S. population. While stress is one of the biggest risk factors that triggers the condition, a randomized study published recently in JAMA Network Open has found that imparting problem-solving education (PSE) to low-income mothers may help reduce their perceived stress, and subsequently the depressive […]

6 large-scale brain networks reveal impairments during drug addiction
Posted in opioid addiction - 0 Comments

Drug addiction is a chronic brain disorder described by obsessive or irrepressible drug seeking behavior that changes one’s cognition and emotional processes. While past studies on drug addiction considered mostly the reward system of the drug, a recent research has revealed that cognitive and emotional damage back the beginning, acceleration and maintenance of the addiction […]

MRSA superbug infections on the rise among drug users
Posted in Drug Abuse - 0 Comments

A type of superbug bacteria called Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is increasingly affecting those who use injections to abuse drugs, according to a new United States government report published recently. Thriving mostly on the skin, MRSA bacteria usually do not cause any major symptoms, but can prove to be deadly if they find their way […]

Getting to understand bath salt addiction
Posted in Addiction - 0 Comments

Bath salts, also known as synthetic cathinones, are man-made substances prepared from the khat plant grown extensively in east Africa and southern Arabia. People in these areas usually chew the leaves of this shrub or brew it for tea for its mild stimulant properties. Synthetic cathinones are available in the form of white or brown […]

Singer Eve shares how DUI charge turned her life around
Posted in opioid addiction - 0 Comments

In the wake of increasing awareness, there has been a commendable improvement in the way people perceive those dealing with addiction or mental illness. This, in turn, has inspired many, including celebrities, to come forward and talk openly about their mental health issues, addiction or both. Joining the list of celebrities is the 39-year-old American […]

Hollywood actress Margot Kidder struggled with dual diagnosis
Posted in Addiction - 0 Comments

Hollywood actress Margot Kidder, who rose to fame for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman film series, died on May 13, 2018, at the age of 69. Although the cause of her death is unknown, she often made it to the headlines for her substance abuse and long-standing battles with bipolar disorder. Despite […]

Alcohol and Other Drug-Related Birth Defects Awareness Week: Research indicates smoking weed during pregnancy is harmful for baby’s health
Posted in Addiction - 0 Comments

Taking any kind of substance, including weed, by expectant mothers can be harmful for the baby. Chemicals from tobacco, weed or cocaine could interfere with the development process of the unborn baby, leading to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) or other complications, infections, cognitive defects and lowered levels of immunity after birth. The risk of birth […]

Increased stimulant use weakens immune system of HIV-infected patients
Posted in Addiction - 0 Comments

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) attacks the body’s immune system and destroys CD4 or T cells or the white blood cells, making it hard for the body to fight diseases and infections. As the immunity gets severely affected, the body is unable to cope with environmental changes. Now, Adam Carrico, Ph.D., associate professor of Public Health […]

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