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Meghan Trainor talks about her fight against anxiety and depression
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Meghan Trainor talks about her fight against anxiety and depression

Meghan Trainor, who has earned a lot of name and fame just at the age of 24, is recognized for her enigmatic pop hits that she has been delivering for quite some time now. However, not many people know that the American singer and songwriter has been grappling with mental health disorders for the past few years. In a recent interview with The Sun, Trainor opened up about the darkest side of her life – her fight against depression and anxiety.

According to Trainor, who is known for hits like “All About That Bass” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” her battle with depression and anxiety began after she faced problems with her vocal chords that put her music career at risk. The pop star could not even move out of her house and stayed indoor for days. Soon, the condition worsened and psychological symptoms began to hamper her physical health. “I was crippled and had this pain. Eventually I was going to doctors, psychologists, and therapists, and I was like, ‘My back feels like someone has a flame to it,’” she said.

Having faced full-blown panic attacks multiple times, Trainor had to deal with two different personalities. While the singer was a jolly and happy person to the outside world, she actually felt low and depressed internally. Trainor realized her trouble with mental disorders when she had to pay an emergency visit to a hospital. Interpreting her symptoms like closing throat and troubled breathing as an outcome of an allergic reaction, she was soon told by the doctors that it was actually a full-blown panic attack.

Professional treatment helped her feel better

A lot of self-research and professional treatment helped Trainor in attaining recovery. The singer said that while she is still in therapy, she has not stopped taking initiatives at her own end. From working out, to seeking help from a therapist once a week, she admitted to taking a lot of vitamins and drinking gallons of water. She also gives credit to her fiancé Daryl Sabara, an American actor, for supporting her in troubled times.

Trainor said that her condition was really tough to deal with. When talking about benefits of seeking help from a therapist, she said, “Talking to a therapist teaches you. God, I wasn’t loving myself. I was wearing Spanx, I was miserable. I was in a corset for a photoshoot, you know?” But, now she eats a complete diet with low carbs and no sugar.

Recovery is possible

Meghan says that people feel embarrassed about their mental illness and hence do not seek help. But it is important for every individual to understand that seeking help is extremely important as delaying the same only worsens the condition. Recovery is not possible without taking help from an expert or medical professional.

Anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD) are common among Americans. GAD is characterized by excessive worry about one’s work or performance for at least six months. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 6.8 million adults suffer from GAD. However, only 43.2 percent are getting treatment for the condition. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) reports that an estimated 5.7 percent of adult Americans experience GAD at some point in their lives.

Studies suggest that females are twice as likely to suffer from GAD as males. Sovereign Health of Arizona, one of the leading GAD treatment centers for women in U.S., offers evidence-based programs to treat a female patient holistically. Our women’s anxiety treatment center provides a comprehensive treatment plan to help lead a healthy life again. Call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with one of our admission specialists to know more about our GAD treatment for women.

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