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How weightlifting helped Chloe Madeley deal with her anxiety
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How weightlifting helped Chloe Madeley deal with her anxiety

Chloe Madeley, a former TV presenter and a one-time Dancing on Ice contestant, recently revealed that exercise enabled her to conquer her anxiety and insecurities along with ensuring physical transformation. Madeley (30), who is about to launch her own fitness empire, has confessed to battling with anxiety and the lack of confidence on a daily basis. However, she highlighted that weightlifting gave her a sense of purpose.

In spite of following her parents into the television industry, Madeley confesses to being insecure and knowing that this field was not meant for her. Admitting her emotional struggles, the daughter of breakfast TV legends Judy Finnigan and Richard Madeley, also talked about feeling extremely unhappy owing to her breakups with boyfriends or arguments with friends. According to Madeley, she started experiencing anxiety along with experiencing stardom. In 2009, the star was charged with drunk driving and was also captured on camera smoking pot.

A transformed life through regular exercise

Opening up about the role of exercise on her health, she admitted that her life changed when she discovered her love for exercise and weight-lifting. For a person who was never really into sports, who would bunk off her PE and had never set foot in the gym, exercise transformed her completely. It all happened when five years ago, her ex-boyfriend introduced her to weight-lifting.

According to Madeley, who still deals with anxiety, if it had not been for weight-lifting, she would have been on medications like many. Emphasizing on the importance of weight-lifting in her life, Madeley said, “I feel like a different person. It’s all because of this.”

Moved by her own success, the star has also come out with her first book titled “The 4-Week Body Blitz,” which aimed at helping readers get back into shape post-Christmas. The book discusses healthy eating habits and fitness plans that have the potential to help its readers transform their body in just a month. While the star does not promise her readers toned abs in 10 days, it certainly guarantees to change their body in four weeks in a healthy way.

As physical activity has direct and indirect benefits on one’s mental health, the book will also motivate people grappling with depressive symptoms to overcome their challenges through regular exercise. Exercise, especially aerobics, has positive effects on the key brain functions, such as memory and thinking skills. Moreover, exercise helps in pumping more oxygen into the brain, releasing a range of hormones essential for healthy brain cell growth and reducing stress hormones. It is also associated with more cell growth in the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

Seeking evidence-based care for mental disorders

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