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Successful women entrepreneurs too fall prey to anxiety
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Successful women entrepreneurs too fall prey to anxiety

She had worked diligently for years, crusading through countless odds and challenges to make a mark for herself in the highly competitive entrepreneurship ecosystem. Three years ago, being the first recipient of the Daily Mail’s Aphrodite Award, Sarah Pittendrigh from County Durham ideally should have been on cloud nine. It was nothing less than a dream come true. It was her chance to share the limelight with some of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Britain.

However, she was a terrified soul right before the event in London. She was nervous, and anxiousness got the better of her to the extent that she was minutes away dropping her plans of attending the event. And when she did finally grace the stage, the only thought that rummaged in her mind was to get off it as soon as possible. She was aghast at herself for not being able to appreciate the accolades, which otherwise would have been one of the most defining moments of her life.

Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey was no picnic. The former single mother had to fight through a serious mental ailment, bankruptcy and countless other adversities on her way to becoming the successful woman that she is today. The mumpreneur later said, “I was cross with myself. I should have felt proud. I’d come such a long way and I should have been able to appreciate the applause.”

Sarah’s is not a one-off story. Like her, many high-achieving women suffer from severe anxiety in the U.S. too. The road to success for most female entrepreneurs is usually through constant upheavals and challenges. Anxiety often hits hard those women who had suffered episodes of failure in the past. Every step from thereon is marked with caution and extreme self-evaluation. The pressure of turning the tide into one’s favor often makes a person develop mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Running a successful business comes with its own unique set of challenges and women tend to respond to them in a manner contrary to their male counterparts. Men tend to make poor lifestyle choices when it comes to dealing with stress. Women, on the other hand, are affected by stress hormones, studies show.

Seeking anxiety treatment

Some women tend to discount their abilities compared to men, especially while leading successful businesses. It can be partly attributed to the fact that the former tends to be in constant pursuit of perfection and is often too harsh on themselves. It is important to realize that though striving for excellence is key to sustaining in this competitive world, going overboard with it can do more harm than good.

Millions of women in the U.S. are constantly fighting a lonely battle with anxiety disorders. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), more than 19 percent American adults had any anxiety disorder in the past year. The data also shows that females (23.4 percent) are more vulnerable to anxiety than males (14.3 percent). People need to acknowledge that mental disorders like anxiety are much more than just a state of mind and, if not tamed in time, can result in serious implications.

Fortunately, anxiety disorders are very much within the ambit of treatments. All one needs to do is seek professional help at the very onset of symptoms. Sovereign Health provides a host of treatments par-excellence for a variety of mental health disorders, including anxiety. One can even avail a women’s mental health treatment program to get rid of the problem. Call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with a representative for more information on our world-class women’s mental health treatment centers.

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