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Keke Palmer opens about her mental health issues
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Keke Palmer opens about her mental health issues

American singer, songwriter and actress Keke Palmer recently spoke about her battle with anxiety and depression and why she believes that mental health issues continue to go unnoticed in the black population. She said this in an exclusive interview with TheGrio, where she also revealed that she has been suffering from mental disorders since the age of 16 or 17.

According to Palmer, the general notion about mental illnesses is that they are some “black and white thing,” but in reality, they are connected to availability of resources and matrix of class systems in the society. As per the singer, many cases of mental illnesses are related to the poverty afflicting the black community. Palmer added that though there are a lot of black people with enough resources to get professional help or to have the necessary education to know what they should be doing, one does not get to see such people often. According to her, people need to realize that their mind is equally important as their bodies and they need to be more aware about mental health disorders and ways to seek help.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan last year, the singer had revealed how she suffered from anxiety and depression and how difficult it was for her to remain silent about her psychological well-being. During the interview, the singer also confessed to having found solace in therapy and meditation and to be finally at a place where she feels comfortable enough to stand up for herself and talk about her mental health.

In 2017, during an interview with Broadly, Palmer talked about the benefits of therapy and how seeing a therapist helped her stay grounded throughout her career in Hollywood. The singer also confessed that while she is open to talk about her mental health problems, given the prevalent stigma, other celebrities refrain from doing so.

In an attempt to spread awareness about mental illnesses, Palmer voiced her support for rapper and Twitter star Bow Wow who talked about his hurt on Twitter and tweeted about being fed up with his life and the media for criticizing his every move. Palmer voiced her support for the rapper and shared how he is an inspiration to her. She also tweeted that she is hoping to see a healthy Bow Wow doing his best in various areas of life.

Step toward long-lasting recovery

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful or dangerous situations, and it happens with everyone. But when a person continues to feel anxious over trivial matters that worsens with time, it can be an indication of an underlying anxiety disorder that can interfere with one’s daily life activities. It is imperative to get the condition evaluated by a certified health provider and get the best possible treatment. A comprehensive recovery plan for anxiety disorders might be a combination of psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, medication or all.

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