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Admissions Process for Families

The heaviest step is making the call; subsequent admissions and treatment is a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.

Here at Sovereign Health, we understand you’ve entrusted your loved one into our capable hands. We know that for many, if recovery doesn’t “stick” there may not be another chance.

This is why we make the treatment process as clear and concise as possible.

During our preadmissions assessment over the phone, patients are asked to supply a full history of their background, symptoms and circumstantial behavior so that the clinical team can customize treatment.

Some patients may want to withhold details they find embarrassing, but this only impedes the recovery process and raises the risk of incomplete treatment and relapse. For the best chance at a complete recovery, it’s important to be completely honest.


Next, we conduct multiple assessments of our patients’ intellectual strengths and weaknesses, as well as a personality test. This is called the biopsychosocial assessment. As we observe a prospective patients habits and behaviors it helps us to create a treatment plan.

Finally, every patient receives a full medical checkup. During the medical assessment, the physician will ask about any preexisting conditions and any other conditions that may run in the family to make provisions for any potential complications.

Time For Admission

After the assessment, we set an admission date for the patient to start treatment. It’s good for loved ones to be present at this time for moral support, as this moment of realization is typically where patient anxiety heightens. Being present for the admission date also provides family with the opportunity to see what goes on at Sovereign Health.

Billing and insurance are taken care of while the patient is in treatment.

Our patient advocates – known elsewhere as case managers – act as the vital link between patients and families and will be the Sovereign representative who families will speak to primarily throughout recovery.

By far, admission is the busiest component of treatment. This is where we complete paperwork, compile insurance information and review house rules, procedures and daily regimen of treatment. We encourage family to ask questions that might arise during this time.


Intake concludes admission. This is where we complete the patient’s treatment plan, answer all remaining questions and allow loved ones to go on their way; practicing self-care and living their own best life, while rehabilitation takes place for the patient – reassuringly, in Sovereign’s arms.

Depending on what hour the patient arrives, he or she may take lunch or participate in remaining groups for that day. The patient will meet Sovereign Health staff and the other patients in recovery during intake as well.

We accept Most Private Insurance, reach out to us to so we can help!

Family Welcome Packet

Sovereign Health provides a Family Welcome Packet as a handy resource. The packet contains:

  • Contact information
  • Consent and release of information
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Explanation of dual diagnosis and mental health phase system
  • Family involvement tips
  • Group conduct rules
  • House rules
  • Resources
  • Treatment locations
  • Treatment timeline overview
  • Visitors

To learn more about how we can help please contact our 24/7 helpline. The idea of entering a behavioral health treatment center can be intimidating for patients as well as their families. Sovereign Health’s trauma-informed team knows this, which is why make the process as easy as possible and encourage families to participate as much as is healthful.

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The dual diagnosis program was what attracted me to Sovereign Health. My therapist was always open for discussion and the group sessions were very informative and educational.