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Admissions Process for Healthcare Professionals

Few people with a mental disorder or addiction wake up and say, “I think I’ll sign up for treatment today.” It is often at the pleading of family – or the confident referral of a physician, therapist or drug court referent.

Here at Sovereign Health, we specialize in customizing treatment for each patient to ensure lasting recovery from individual disorders as well as a dual diagnosis of concurrent issues. We have streamlined the admissions process to best facilitate patients getting into treatment straight away and without having to navigate through paperwork or bureaucracy.

We also make it easy for a health professional to remain involved in the patient’s treatment if they so desire.

Removing All Obstacles

As a trailblazer in behavioral health treatment, Sovereign Health team has worked ceaselessly and successfully over the years to overcome the hassles associated with insurance claims.

When authorities or clinicians refer a patient to Sovereign Health, we don’t take lightly the trust the professional has placed in us. We manage all the behind-the-scenes activity so that the patient can focus single-mindedly on treatment.

The Referral Process

Identifying a referral. When a professional or authority refers a patient to Sovereign Health, he or she can call our admissions team through our 24/7 helpline or email us at

Collaboration. Together with patients, their families and professionals who directed the prospective patient, we’ll build a patient file. HIPAA rules protect the patient’s privacy, so we gather as much information as regulations allow.

Intake. During intake, Sovereign Health staff members complete consent forms with the patient. We will not release any information without the patient’s signed approval.

When a referent sends a patient into our program, we conduct a series of interviews and biopsychosocial assessments. By establishing rapport and transparency with our clients, we’re able to tailor fit effective treatment programs.

We also work with our referents to ensure the transition from their care to ours is as seamless as possible.

Staying In Touch

When health care professionals prefer to remain part of patients’ continuum of care, a representative from our referent management team will contact them with further details. We’ll also work with referents when the patient is ready to be discharged from Sovereign Health’s care, as well as collaborate on the best way patients’ treatment plan should be continued.

What To Tell Your Client

Each patient entering our care undergoes interviews, assessments and evaluations so we can have a comprehensive understanding of his or her specific challenges and needs.

It is important that patients avoid the temptation to omit details of their background and experience they may feel are embarrassing. We can only customize treatment if we know what’s really going on.

Clinical interview. We start by asking patients about their background, family dynamics and any symptoms and triggers they may be experiencing. We also ask them about their ethnicity, religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

Assessments: Getting a portrait of a patient’s mental and intellectual pulse also helps us craft an effective treatment plan. Auditing a patient’s behaviors also lets us know if they have any harmful habits which need attention foremost. Finally, a personality assessment offers a window into a patient’s worldview and mental stasis, helping us make their stay with us as individualized as possible.

Medical checkup: Each patient receives a complete, thorough medical and psychological evaluation before treatment commences. We’ll confirm the patient’s complete medical history – of which we’re grateful to receive help with from the patient’s primary caregiver or referent – and history of psychological disorders.

Finding out if any mental or physical ailments run in the patient’s family is another way of making treatment effective and safe.

Discharge planning. Sovereign Health encourages health professionals to weave continuing care into the patient’s post-treatment regimen. It is crucial that newly sober individuals establish and maintain edifying relationships with the sober community.

For more answers to any pressing questions, please contact our 24/7 helpline.

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