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Lake County teacher caught snorting cocaine in school; district considers drug-testing teachers
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Lake County teacher caught snorting cocaine in school; district considers drug-testing teachers

After a 24-year-old English teacher from Lake Central High School was caught snorting cocaine in school in November 2017, law enforcement agencies are considering a new policy where teachers would be subject to drug tests as well. This is a novel move by the Indiana district officials as currently only school bus drivers and students involved in extracurricular activities are put to drug tests.

The teacher in question, Samantha Cox, had graduated from Purdue University and had made it to the Dean’s list as well on several occasions. She had a distinguished undergraduate record and according to her LinkedIn profile, was a student teacher in the same school. However, with her current misdemeanor, her reputation has taken a solid beating.

Taking immediate note of the fallout of this incident on student morale, the School Superintendent, Larry Veracco, put Cox on “administrative leave.” He also revealed that the future of her employment would be decided soon.

Unfortunately, an incident such as this has severe repercussions on community health. In addition, an overnight change in school polices like including teachers within the ambit of drug testing could have its consequences. Elucidating on this, Veracco said, “We need to be careful about overreacting. This is the first incident I know of since I’ve been working here, but I do think it is worth discussing.”

Teacher snorted during recess, lacked emotions in court 

In the affidavit submitted at the court, Cox stated that she had brought cocaine worth $160 before arriving at school on Nov. 22, 2017. The teacher also added that she normally purchased her drugs after school, but as she was feeling sick on the said day and “needed to get some.” Further, as she was unable to use the drug before coming to school, she decided to use the recess to have a snort.

Appearing before the Lake Superior Court in Crown Point, Cox showed no traces of emotion. She was charged on four counts, possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia, a felony and a misdemeanor. If proved guilty, she would either face a sentence of six months to 2 1/2 years and/or up to a $10,000 fine.

Cocaine users lack empathy, are less social

Unlike non-users, cocaine users show lower levels of empathy and are less social. While people addicted to drugs and alcohol are aware of their problems in social relationships because of their addiction, cocaine users generally lack this empathy. Past research on users of cocaine revealed that they did not respond to social cues like a smile or a frown and therefore the “reward” they obtained from a social interaction was considerably less.

Though a decline in cocaine consumption was seen between 2010 and 2015, according to recent reports, there has been a 1.6-time increase in the total number of deaths attributed to cocaine.

Dealing with cocaine addiction

Whether it is cocaine or prescription drugs, addition is a chronic disease affecting men and women differently. Women, because of their unique metabolism and hormonal activity, are more likely to get addicted after a single experience. Unfortunately, women often find it harder to quit. Worse still, they face barriers getting help because of a number of sociopsychological reasons.

A leader in mental health and substance abuse treatment for women aged 18 years or older, Sovereign Health of Arizona takes a holistic view toward substance abuse treatment. We combine traditional therapies with evidence-based treatments to help women overcome addiction and maintain life-long sobriety. At our cocaine addiction treatment for women in Arizona, female patients first undergo a comprehensive, diagnostic assessment in a soothing and intimate environment and then transition to further steps in the treatment.

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