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Granny gets 12-year prison sentence for flying with cocaine worth $500,000
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Granny gets 12-year prison sentence for flying with cocaine worth $500,000

An old woman was recently arrested for flying from Las Vegas to Detroit with cocaine worth $500,000. The drug, which was wrapped in towels and concealed in her luggage, was to be delivered to her dealers, allegedly the kingpin of the show. She now faces a 12-year prison sentence.

This was not the first time that Cheryl Cheatham (64), a resident of Phoenix and granny to three, was transporting drugs. A frequent flyer and an experienced hand, she had transported cocaine worth millions to Detroit, Las Vegas and Phoenix for the bigwigs before her operation went bust. In one of her 39-odd trips, she even had a picture of herself at the controls in the cockpit.

Nevertheless, like the Celine Dion song, for Cheatham those days are long gone, when she could fly unfettered. Although the prosecutors sought a stiffer sentence for the criminal granny — 19.6 years in prison — the defense argued for a lower term, citing her age and medical condition. In their plea, the defense mentioned that Cheatham faced abandonment issues as a youngster and domestic violence when she married which could have biased her judgement. They also mentioned her multiple health problems, including bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and diabetes, as a ground for lenient sentence.

Responding to the defense’s plea about Cheatham’s health conditions, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Hutting said that notwithstanding her health problems, Cheatham had no problems carrying 17 kilos of cocaine with her in the airplane. Cocaine trafficking is a major offence in America as it is one of the most potent drugs today. Overdosing fatalities from cocaine are on the rise and constitute a major public health problem.

Understanding relationship between women and cocaine

Though men were primarily associated with drugs like cocaine, an increasing number of women have now started abusing the drug. Interestingly, the feminine desire to stay thin, among other socio-psychological factors, propels women toward the drug. Cocaine is a psychostimulant and has the ability to suppress appetite. Additionally, it also provides a short burst of energy, which is enjoyable initially. Once the effect wears off, the person experiences an unpleasant physical backlash, including increased heart rate, muscle spasms, nausea, etc.

Cocaine is also associated with increased risks of heart attack, stroke and respiratory failure. However, when one is inhibited and needs an extra shot of vibrancy to attract a date, one does not care about the consequences and health hazards. Enter cocaine. One snort and the woman feels powerful, confident and in control.

Later as the vicious cycle falls into place, she finds it difficult to give up cocaine. She faces devastating withdrawal symptoms, every time she tries to quit. It does not take time for a onetime experience to snowball into lifetime dependency.

Do not do cocaine this festive season

As Christmas is the time for fun and festivity, it is best not to spoil it by doing drugs like cocaine. The fun lasts only a few hours, but the repercussions last for a lifetime.

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