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Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley reveals her struggles with drugs and alcohol
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Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley reveals her struggles with drugs and alcohol

Lisa Marie Presley recently opened up about her struggles with painkillers, alcohol and opioids while undergoing multiple legal battles. In the newly discovered legal documents filed by Presley for her divorce from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood, the star has admitted to “abusing cocaine terribly,” especially in the last three years of her marriage, and having serious drug addiction issues. She has admitted to being a mess and uncontrollable which led her to rehab nearly five times.

Though alcohol was not her substance of choice, she revealed to have taken a concoction of pills and alcohol but only in the last two years of her marriage to Lockwood. The star admitted that her attempt at rehab had stemmed out of the fear of suffering a similar fate that her father did. She claims to be sober now and plans to stay that way. The court documents, citing her extensive substance abuse issues, were exclusively obtained by

In addition to fighting the nasty divorce and custody battle with Lockwood, Presley is also involved in a lawsuit against her former business manager who she claims blew all her inheritance on bad business ventures. In addition, Presley also owes a huge amount in credit card debt and miscellaneous bills.

Cocaine is an addictive and dangerous drug, and cocaine abuse can lead to severe physical and psychological damage in its users, with repeated use causing changes in the brain, resulting in addiction.

Alcohol consumption riskier for women

When it comes to addiction, women face tougher challenges. Alcohol is more harmful to women because they have a different drinking pattern compared to men and their bodies react differently to alcohol. The level of tolerance for women is quite low compared to that in men, making them more vulnerable to long-term side effects. Additionally, excessive drinking among women increases their risk of being afflicted with various health problems, including brain damage, heart damage, liver diseases and certain types of cancers. Additionally, it also raises the risk of sexual assault, driving under the influence (DUI) and injuries.

In addition to causing mental and physical problems to women, heavy drinking interferes with daily tasks at work, home or in school, causes legal and financial problems, unpleasant domestic environment and distress to family members. The first step toward recovery usually begins with detox to cleanse the body and prepare it for further treatment. This is followed by experiential therapies, medication and counseling under the guidance of trained medical health professionals.

Step toward holistic recovery

One of the top facilities offering alcohol treatment for women in Arizona, Sovereign Health offers holistic care in a secure and supportive environment. Our comprehensive women only alcohol program gives holistic treatment comprising medication, counseling and experiential therapies tailor-made to suit the patient’s need.

The trained and experienced staff at our state-of-the-art centers provide an integrated treatment for mental health disorders and substance abuse-related problems helping patients live life free of addiction. For more information on different plans offered at our facilities, call our 24/7 helpline number and speak to our admission specialist or chat online with an expert.

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