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Alcohol can take a toll on dermatological health
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All women aspire to look beautiful and flaunt a healthy skin. Since time immemorial, women have resorted to different measures to get radiant skin. Cleopatra was reputed to have bathed in donkey’s milk to get her flawless complexion. Only some women are lucky enough to be born with good skin. Those who are not have to hydrate it with toiletries and skin care creams and engage in elaborate rituals of skin care. Such women do not hesitate to spend a fortune on luxury skincare items but sometimes, their overuse can be damaging. It is important to know that what a person eats or how he or she feels psychologically is equally important for good skin. External beauty is often a reflection of internal beauty.

Another factor that could adversely affect skin is alcohol. Heavy or binge drinking can take a toll on a person’s dermatological health especially, in case of women. Consuming more than 14 units of alcohol causes a buildup of toxins, as the body is unable to eliminate them. Apart from the hangover, it causes a breakout on facial skin. Signs like dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, flakiness and dryness around the forehead, chin and lips are predominant. While young women bounce back, women over 40 often find it difficult to bear the problem.

Alcohol, a global malaise

There has been a dramatic rise in alcohol abuse in the last couple of years. Not only men, but women are also taking the bottle with equal zest. Alcohol companies, in a bid to capture more women customers, have now come up with more sweetened alcoholic beverages. The high sugar content is responsible for acne and skin inflammation. Excessive drinking leads to not just the loss of person-days but also increased spending in terms of both time and money on health care.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012, 3.3 million deaths or 5.9 percent of all the mortalities that happened around the world were linked to alcohol consumption. Additionally, intoxication from alcoholic beverages increases the risks for automobile accidents, fights, unemployment and other risky behavior.

Apart from causing skin problems, alcohol is also responsible for the following troubles:

  1. Liver disease: According to a study published in the Lancet Medical Journal, by 2020, liver disease would become the leading cause of mortality worldwide, overtaking heart disease, and factors, such as increased alcohol consumption and obesity would be held accountable. What is even more worrying is that there would be more instances of people dying in middle age.
  2. Cardiovascular problems: Heavy drinking hurts the heart muscle and causes a condition called cardiomyopathy. In addition, heavy drinking can also cause tachycardia, characterized by increased heart rate. If this continues for long, it may cause heart attacks or strokes.
  3. Digestive problems: Even small quantities of alcohol are dangerous for the digestive tract causing the stomach to produce more acid than usual, which can turn into a severe gastritis problem if remedial steps are not taken in time. Women could face stomach discomfort after a binging session. In addition, frequent consumption of alcohol can be extremely fattening.

Unique alcohol addiction treatment for women

A leader among alcohol rehab facilities for women aged 18 or older, Sovereign Health of Arizona, takes a holistic view toward alcohol addiction treatment and combines traditional therapies with evidence-based treatments to help women overcome addiction and maintain life-long sobriety. As part of our women only alcohol program in Arizona, female patients need to undergo a comprehensive, diagnostic assessment in a soothing and intimate environment first and then transition to further steps in the treatment.

For more information about our state-of-the-art treatment programs and to get connected to our alcohol treatment for women in Arizona, call our 24/7 helpline number and speak to an admission specialist. You can even chat online with our representatives for further assistance.

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