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Priscila Cachoeiraoverpoweredcrack addiction to make it to UFC
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As Priscila Cachoeira gears up for her debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), many still wonder about her meteoric rise from addiction to becoming a title contender. It was not an easy journey for the Brazilian flyweight, who will be facing veteran Valentina Shevchenko at the UFCFight Night 125 in Belem, Brazil, on Feb. […]

Singer Jhené Aiko reveals journey through depression in her new book ‘2Fish’
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“I held my breath waiting to see you take another But you did not Where did you go? Am i really alive without you? Will we ever talk again?” The lines from a poem by singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko from her latest book of short stories, poems, diary-like entries and sketches titled “2Fish” highlights the grim […]

Granny gets 12-year prison sentence for flying with cocaine worth $500,000
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An old woman was recently arrested for flying from Las Vegas to Detroit with cocaine worth $500,000. The drug, which was wrapped in towels and concealed in her luggage, was to be delivered to her dealers, allegedly the kingpin of the show. She now faces a 12-year prison sentence. This was not the first time […]

How weightlifting helped Chloe Madeley deal with her anxiety
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Chloe Madeley, a former TV presenter and a one-time Dancing on Ice contestant, recently revealed that exercise enabled her to conquer her anxiety and insecurities along with ensuring physical transformation. Madeley (30), who is about to launch her own fitness empire, has confessed to battling with anxiety and the lack of confidence on a daily […]

Courtney Stodden comes clean about her struggle with depression
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Depression is a mental disorder that can strike anyone, irrespective of one’s background, race, standing in the society and age. Now, more and more celebrities are opening up about their struggle with substance abuse and mental distress, and the latest to join the group is 23-year-old reality TV star Courtney Stodden. Trying to emerge out […]

Elderly women happier when their partners are no more, says study
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A 2016 study on marital status and frailty in older people in Italy revealed that widows led better lives. They were less frail and aged better than those whose husbands were still alive. A recent health survey confirmed that what is true for Italian women resonates with English women as well. According to the survey, […]

Lake County teacher caught snorting cocaine in school; district considers drug-testing teachers
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After a 24-year-old English teacher from Lake Central High School was caught snorting cocaine in school in November 2017, law enforcement agencies are considering a new policy where teachers would be subject to drug tests as well. This is a novel move by the Indiana district officials as currently only school bus drivers and students […]

Alcohol can take a toll on dermatological health
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All women aspire to look beautiful and flaunt a healthy skin. Since time immemorial, women have resorted to different measures to get radiant skin. Cleopatra was reputed to have bathed in donkey’s milk to get her flawless complexion. Only some women are lucky enough to be born with good skin. Those who are not have […]

Good Morning America’s weather correspondent Ginger Zee opens up about depression and suicide
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“The only voices I could hear were telling me, ‘You are not worth it.” Ginger Zee Depression is a highly crippling disorder generating a sense of worthlessness and hopelessness accompanied by thoughts of suicide. Many succumb to their desolation and become recluses, others maintain an outwardly calm though they may be fraught with worries inside. […]

Traumatic stress and genetic risk can increase chance of suicidal ideation among bipolar disorder patients, says study
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Bipolar disorder (BD) is a brain disorder which runs in the family and can lead to many other mental and behavioral complications. Now, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have suggested an association between BD and high risk for suicide bid. However, there is a condition linking these two developments. According […]

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